Happy Anniversary to Us

Happy Anniversary to us! 


A Little Honesty and a Lot of Pain

This time of year should be full of adventures, sleeping in, and late night s'mores. 

Instead, like millions of other mothers, I am sitting in a quiet house (while Rome and Linc are napping at least). 




I am so excited for this years NSALE! I woke up early just to get everything I wanted, and let me tell you, things are going QUICK. 

Below I have listed some of my favorites! Now go go GET to the Early Access Sale. 

If you aren't a debit or credit holder, apply to get access!! So worth it!


When Co-Parenting Gets Difficult

Co-Parenting requires so much work and selflessness from both parties involved. It can go so very right, and so very wrong. 


My Man Crush & Marriage Counseling

Ah marriage counseling. 

Such a taboo subject, but I truly believe it's made THE impact in our lives. 

People tend to believe that you only get marriage counseling if you're a failure, or you're currently failing, or if you have major issues. 

This is not the case. 


Father's Day

After getting divorced so young, and having four children already, 
I was sure no one would want me.