Stuffed Animal Love

I'm obsessed with The Land of Nod. They have so much cute stuff for kids, their rooms, storage, etc. When we were in Seattle, I saw these adorable stuffed animals that I'm pretty sure the kids need. NEED.

Ahhh I want... errr.. I mean THE KIDS want. ;)

Bump Wardrobe

So on days like today where it's going to be warm - about 77 degrees - I like to wear something flowy that doesn't make me want to change five billion times.

Here's my outfit today! Again, I'll post a pic of me wearing it once Ryan gets home on Saturday night. Comfortable

Okay... I don't really have the bag... Isn't it cute though?!

Five Minute Hair/Top Knot

Hey heyyy.

So here's my 5 Minute Hair Tutorial that I promised. It also qualifies as a Top Knot so I threw that in the title as well. Hope you enjoy!

Notice how I'm wearing the most comfortable outfit EVER. :)


Words of Wisdom: Brody Edition

"Mommy, in a few years, like ten, you'll be so old I won't get to call you "Mommy" anymore. I'll have to call you Grandma."

Bump Wardrobe

When you're in that awkward "People can't tell if I'm pregnant or just had a really big lunch..." phase, getting dressed SUCKS.

I don't know about you guys, but I end up trying on everything in my closet twice, making a huge mess out of my room, and resolving to live in my pajamas for the rest of the pregnancy.

So I shall post outfits that I find functional, cute, and most importantly of all - comfortable. Just in case any other rapidly expanding women want some help.

Here's what I wore today:

Denim ShirtI'll add a pic of me wearing it once Ryan gets home. 

Light denim shirt is from Maurices (I didn't tie it like the pic though), tank is Mossimo from Target, the bodycon skirt is from Forever 21, and the black Toms are from Toms.com. 

The looser denim shirt helps hide the bump-ish like growth happening around your abdomen and the bodycon skirt is stretchy and comfortable. 

Loves, ladies!

Baby Wants: Volume Two

So I'll just be keeping track of my wish list on here. Mostly because I've written down my list about ten different times and it keeps mysteriously disappearing...

Ergo Baby Carrier - I had one for Maddie and it was the most comfortable carrier I've ever had - and I've tried a ton of them through the four kids. Plus, I have scoliosis and this doesn't bother my back at all!
Bugaboo Donkey Duo - Now this is so awesome. I love that a bassinet is one of the options. How perfect would this be for baby and Maddie?
Carter's Travel Swing - Travel swings are so much more space-saving than those huge honking swings. Love the pattern too. So cute. 
Evenflo Port-a-Crib - For sleeping in Mommy's room. 
Medela Pump in Style - Such an awesome pump. 

Most Comfortable Outfit EVER

I'm not sure how many people are like me and just want to be comfortable all the time, but I'm the type of person who changes out of my clothes right when I get home into something lounge-worthy. Well, my friends, I have finally discovered the epitome of the comfortable outfit.

Yes, I know that you all were waiting with bated breath.

So whether you're prego, just like to be comfy, or both... here it is.

The top is a tank from aerie by American Eagle Super Comfy Tank Top
And the bottoms are from Forever 21. Most Comfortable Pants on the Planet

I have the pants in heather grey, which while feeling all the clothes at the store, seemed to be the softest. 

Now, go forth and be comfortable.

Five Minute Make Up

Trying to get yourself ready in the morning can be rough when you have kids. So over the years, I have adapted to five minute make up and hair routines.

Here is the make up tutorial I put together in case any other mamas out there need a couple tips:

This one can actually take much less than five minutes as you get better at it. I can probably get it done in about 2 - 3 minutes.

Hahaaa my face in this video still looks AWESOME. You're jealous. Don't lie.


Sisha's Baby Shower

My darling friend Sisha is having a baby boy in November and I threw her a little baby shower. I didn't get great pictures because I left my camera at home. Sad face!! But it was so much fun.

Love her!

Baby Wants: Volume One

Welcome to Volume One of things I have been drooling over.

I am always on the hunt for a cute/functional purse. And being a Mom, it tends to turn into a diaper bag. So finding a diaper bag that looks like a purse or a purse that looks like a diaper bag...

Here are two beautiful diaper bag purses from Timi & Leslie that I would give an arm for. Okay, maybe not an arm, but a few fingers at least.

This one is the Louise in Cloud Blue. Find it HERE

And this beauty is the Charlie bag in Teal. Find it HERE

Maddie's Favorites

Now Maddie girl is turning into quite the head strong child. Am I surprised? No. Is my Mom surprised? No. Actually, I'm pretty sure she's laughing maniacally somewhere at this very moment.... "Payback" is what she calls it.

Ahh two year olds, so fun. They don't call it "terrible" for nothing! (Actually I'm pretty sure they call it terrible because its the nicest way they could word it) Seems as though Miss Maddie has started early - such an overachiever.

I keep a few things on hand to keep her happy:

Starting at the top left (even though I'm sure that's self explanatory):

Fisher Price tea pot set - available at Target.  The girl LOVES this toy - thanks to Grandma Shelly.

Bunny from Bunnies by the Bay - available at FAO Schwarz. Such a cuddly mood-lifter - this one is thanks to Grandma Lisa.

Next is her zebra print/pink blanky. Got this at Ross randomly and she attached to it immediately, takes it every where with us. No clue what brand or anything though.

GoGo Squeez apple sauce pouches are a life saver! Never had a mess with these and when she's having a blood sugar meltdown - PARFAIT.

The pink Dora toothbrush is so random, but necessary. Maddie uses this as a teether. Or maybe she just likes chewing on it. Who knows. When she's unconsolable, this is what works. I keep several around.

How Do You...?

I am frequently asked how I can keep up with my four silly kiddos. Yes, four kids, ages six and under can be intense but let me share some tips:

1. Organization: Organize the CRAP out of your life and things will go much more smoothly. Four kids, three different schools, all with different schedules.... not to mention extra curricular activities, play dates, and family days. ORGANIZE, people!

2. Patience: Now this one can be rough, especially when your three year old is repetitively asking if the item he's holding is in fact a car when you have already answered him thirty times. YES, WYATT, IT'S A CAR. Breathe. Remember how adorable they are and that they are just curious little humans. This one is constantly in the works.

3. Have some alone time. Or a date night. Or go grocery shopping alone. Now, I know all of these things are not always possible. Luckily I have an awesome partner-in-crime who let's me escape when I'm starting to lose my mind. Especially with four young kids, leaving the house alone is a luxury.

4. ENJOY it. Yes, I know. The kids got into the fridge and smashed all the eggs on the kitchen floor. Or one of them grabbed a marker (where did that come from?!) and drew all over the walls. Or a certain little princess took off her diaper during nap time and now has an interesting and smelly mess for you to clean up in her room. I'm not saying that these things specifically are enjoyable, but try to remember that in a few years they will be so big and too cool for this "little kid stuff." They are going to grow up faster than you know (Yes, people say this ALL the time, but it's VERY true).

This picture is from April 2012. Credit to Mark Matteson of Matteson Photography. 
Check out his website Matteson Photography


Seattle Love

I am in love with Seattle. That city was made pour moi. The weather, the cities, the ocean. I will live there someday.

Until then... I shall visit. Went there this weekend for a little trip with Ry and it was AMAZING. So beautiful. Ryan got some amazing pictures of...everything. Went to the aquarium, took a harbor cruise, walked the pier a thousand times. Also had an incredibly special brunch at the SkyCity restaurant up in the Space Needle.

There's much more to this trip that I will go into at a later date but I must share some pics.


Just wanted to share this little tidbit. I received this beautiful ring from Ryan last week and I'm 100% in love with it. And for someone who has a hard time with rings, the thinness of this delicate ring is very comfortable. Seriously LOVE.

You can find it at Erica Weiner. She has some gorgeous jewelry - so check it out!


Potty Training Sucks

Well, that makes for numero dos of having to clean poop out of somewhere it's not supposed to be. WHY is potty training this child such a pain?! Brody and Zach were both relatively easy to potty train and were done by the time they were two.

Yes, Wyatt is three...

Lucky (for me) Ryan was willing to step in and clean it up this time (thanks hun!). Seriously, one should be the cap on the amount of times you have to clean poop out of the carpet/bed/blankets/whatever a day. 

I swear I have done just about everything I could research on potty training with this child. Cheerios in the potty, a million different kinds of potty chairs, having his big brothers show him how to do it, giving rewards, etc etc. Up until this last weekend I had pretty much given up...

Then, I just put my foot down. AND VOILA! He didn't have a single accident all weekend! Then TWICE today he pooped somewhere he wasn't supposed to. 

Ahh the joys of dealing with other people's bodily functions on a daily basis...

I promise tomorrow's post won't be about poop.

Well, bonjour.

As I sit here eating my mediocre banana bread (someone please give me a new/better recipe!) and watching Gilmore Girls, I notice that the silence of nap time is no longer ... silent. I head upstairs and what do I find? Oh it's just Wyatt. He pooped on the floor. Gah. 

Now, I know, people do not want to hear about the bodily functions of anyone else and/or their children. I promise I won't take a picture of it, though. So that was fun. I don't know about you guys, but I love cleaning poop out of carpet. 

Someone needs to stick a cork in it. Just kidding. 

...kind of. 

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