How Do You...?

I am frequently asked how I can keep up with my four silly kiddos. Yes, four kids, ages six and under can be intense but let me share some tips:

1. Organization: Organize the CRAP out of your life and things will go much more smoothly. Four kids, three different schools, all with different schedules.... not to mention extra curricular activities, play dates, and family days. ORGANIZE, people!

2. Patience: Now this one can be rough, especially when your three year old is repetitively asking if the item he's holding is in fact a car when you have already answered him thirty times. YES, WYATT, IT'S A CAR. Breathe. Remember how adorable they are and that they are just curious little humans. This one is constantly in the works.

3. Have some alone time. Or a date night. Or go grocery shopping alone. Now, I know all of these things are not always possible. Luckily I have an awesome partner-in-crime who let's me escape when I'm starting to lose my mind. Especially with four young kids, leaving the house alone is a luxury.

4. ENJOY it. Yes, I know. The kids got into the fridge and smashed all the eggs on the kitchen floor. Or one of them grabbed a marker (where did that come from?!) and drew all over the walls. Or a certain little princess took off her diaper during nap time and now has an interesting and smelly mess for you to clean up in her room. I'm not saying that these things specifically are enjoyable, but try to remember that in a few years they will be so big and too cool for this "little kid stuff." They are going to grow up faster than you know (Yes, people say this ALL the time, but it's VERY true).

This picture is from April 2012. Credit to Mark Matteson of Matteson Photography. 
Check out his website Matteson Photography

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