Maddie's Favorites

Now Maddie girl is turning into quite the head strong child. Am I surprised? No. Is my Mom surprised? No. Actually, I'm pretty sure she's laughing maniacally somewhere at this very moment.... "Payback" is what she calls it.

Ahh two year olds, so fun. They don't call it "terrible" for nothing! (Actually I'm pretty sure they call it terrible because its the nicest way they could word it) Seems as though Miss Maddie has started early - such an overachiever.

I keep a few things on hand to keep her happy:

Starting at the top left (even though I'm sure that's self explanatory):

Fisher Price tea pot set - available at Target.  The girl LOVES this toy - thanks to Grandma Shelly.

Bunny from Bunnies by the Bay - available at FAO Schwarz. Such a cuddly mood-lifter - this one is thanks to Grandma Lisa.

Next is her zebra print/pink blanky. Got this at Ross randomly and she attached to it immediately, takes it every where with us. No clue what brand or anything though.

GoGo Squeez apple sauce pouches are a life saver! Never had a mess with these and when she's having a blood sugar meltdown - PARFAIT.

The pink Dora toothbrush is so random, but necessary. Maddie uses this as a teether. Or maybe she just likes chewing on it. Who knows. When she's unconsolable, this is what works. I keep several around.

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