Potty Training Sucks

Well, that makes for numero dos of having to clean poop out of somewhere it's not supposed to be. WHY is potty training this child such a pain?! Brody and Zach were both relatively easy to potty train and were done by the time they were two.

Yes, Wyatt is three...

Lucky (for me) Ryan was willing to step in and clean it up this time (thanks hun!). Seriously, one should be the cap on the amount of times you have to clean poop out of the carpet/bed/blankets/whatever a day. 

I swear I have done just about everything I could research on potty training with this child. Cheerios in the potty, a million different kinds of potty chairs, having his big brothers show him how to do it, giving rewards, etc etc. Up until this last weekend I had pretty much given up...

Then, I just put my foot down. AND VOILA! He didn't have a single accident all weekend! Then TWICE today he pooped somewhere he wasn't supposed to. 

Ahh the joys of dealing with other people's bodily functions on a daily basis...

I promise tomorrow's post won't be about poop.

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