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Wyatt and Maddie (both of whom are supposed to be NAPPING) are upstairs, each in their own rooms, arguing through the wall about whose Mommy I am.


Easy Peasy Little Girl Hair

Another SECURE hair-do for your busy munchkin.

Style hair into a half ponytail.
Then twist each side of the half pony before you tie them together.
After you tie them, do a topsy turvy and put the tied hair back through itself.

Et voilà!


Brody's Birthday

Welp. My baby is 7.

Brody had a great day - we had a small party with some friends and he had a blast! Carousel, cake, presents. What kid wouldn't love it?!

Brody's Birth Story:

October 27, 2005

I woke up that morning at 7am. I knew I was going to go into labor, just knew it. I took it easy: I showered, shaved, put my hair up, and made sure the hospital bag was ready. I started getting contractions in the shower.

As it was my first pregnancy, I stayed at home until the contractions were 5 minutes apart, then I drove to the hospital. I got there around noon.

I checked in, got situated, signed paperwork, and walked to keep labor progressing.

Around 1:30 pm the pain was getting unbearable. I have scoliosis so back labor was awful. I remember feeling like crawling out of my skin. I requested an epidural and got in the bath while I was waiting. The bath was heaven! Felt so so amazing being in warm water and the pressure was lifted.

The anesthesiologist arrived around 2:00pm. I honestly did not feel a thing when he was putting the giant needle in my back. I was so concentrated on staying still through contractions, that all else faded away. He also gave me a quick intrathecal shot for instant pain relief.

About 5 minutes later.... relief. Glorious relief. That epidural was fantastic.

I told the nurse I was feeling a lot of pressure around 2:30. She decided to check me to see if I was at ten centimeters yet. Yup! Fully dilated and baby Brody was ready.

My doctor came back into the room, I pushed a couple times (with zero pain - yayyy epidural) and suddenly he was there! My tiny little boy was finally here at 2:39pm! I stared in disbelief and impatience as the nurses cleaned him up and assessed him.

He was perfect. 6 lbs 10 oz, 20" of a beautiful little boy.

Happy Birthday, big boy. I can't believe you are seven!
Brody at 1.5

Brody starting school this year. 


Four Friday Funnies

1. Brody once told my older brother, "Hey! You should stop smoking, you're probably going to die."
2. Zachary speaks very formally. The other day he asked me, "Can I call Shelly? I need to speak with her."
3. Wyatt likes to hide his toys in his underwear. Yes, in his underwear.
4. Maddie will do anything if you tell her she can have her shoes. Example: This morning she didn't want to get dressed, but I told if she got dressed, she could have her shoes. She agreed.



Wyatt Wednesday

Well, this is a day late. My clock is off this week....

Five Fun Facts about Wyatt James.
1. I called him Bubs 90% of the time.
2. He was having major communication issues until he started going to preschool, then he had the language explosion!
3. He's very mechanically inclined.
4. He likes to pretend he's oblivious. He's not.
5. He tells me he loves me the most out of any of the kids.

Ahh, Mr. Wyatt. He's Mr. I-Accidentally-Destroy-Things. Had a hard time potty training this little guy, he's perfectly content to sit in his poop for indeterminate amounts of time. He's the sweetest little man ever though! He's incredibly friendly - definitely a kid that would walk away with a stranger.

Our current struggle with him is pretty amusing. Every time he gets on the bus for school, he takes off his shoes, socks, and tries to take off his coat and shirt. He just gets really hot, I guess.

He will fight you to the death over a train, truck, or car.

Love him!

Kissy from Bubs!


The Not-So-Sunny Side of Pregnancy

Okay, let's be real for a minute. Pregnancy sucks!

Or at least it can. Not all the time and not for everyone, but the majority of us experience some of the less than pleasant symptoms and side effects of pregnancy...

1. Breaking Out Everywhere: On your face, your chest, your back, and for me - even on my neck/behind my ears. Not cool body, not cool. I've never experienced this in any of my other pregnancies, so this one is making me highly irritated.

To try to keep the breakouts at bay:
          1. Don't pick at them.
          2. Keep them clean.
          3. Exfoliate.
          4. Use natural make-up.
          5. And acne treatment if desired.

2. Exhaustion: This one is tough if you work and/or have other children. The eyes always threatening to close, the constant need to sit down, your bed constantly on your mind.

To keep the energy up:

 Eat high energy and high protein foods:
          1. Edamame/soybeans
          2. Macadamia nuts
          3. Blueberries
          4. Whole grains
          5. Chicken
          6. Eggs
          7. Drink LOTS of water

Work out! Working out helps keep you in shape and you raring to go. Even if it's just a mini morning workout, do it! I'll post my workout routine in another post.

3. Sleep Troubles: Ugh. This is one I'm really fighting with right now. Hard getting to sleep, hard staying asleep, and in between that waking up to pee.

How to help:
         1. Start a nightly routine.
         2. Do prenatal yoga at night.
         3. Take a relaxing bath.
         4. Give yourself time to wind down.

And there's plenty of other icky, not-fun stuff, but we'll save it for another post.

Baby Boy Matteson!


Baby Movement

So Ryan finally got to feel the little nugget move today! I've been feeling him for awhile but the little stinker would stop immediately when Ry put his hand on my belly.

So I devised a plan to get him to kick for Ryan. I rest the laptop on my belly when I'm messing around on the internet. The computer gets warm and he loves it! So he was moving around, punching and rolling like a crazy jumping bean, I call Ryan over, move the computer and BAM. There's a few kicks for the Daddy :)

Love it!

Prego Sanity Savers

Prego Sanity Savers

We all have those days...

Days where we want to rip out our hair and hide in a closet. Possibly cry. And being pregnant is a catalyst for these kind of moments...

With the four kiddos and a little bun in the oven, I admit that my patience and stamina wears thin when doing my daily Mommy tasks. 

My saviors on the rough days:

As soon as Ryan gets home, I retreat to take a warm bubble bath. It soothes my aches and pains from the ever-growing belly. 

Then I crawl into my coziest jammies, pop in some earbuds, curl up with a warm blanket, and drink hot chocolate with marshmallows. 

Don't underestimate a Mommy's need for a little alone time! If you need it, take it. You'll feel a million times better afterwards. 

Thank God for awesome hubbies like Ry.


Maddie's Halloween Costume

Maddie as Olivia

Miss Maddie girl is going as Olivia the Pig. Adorable show, adorable books. Love it!
I haven't decided if I'm going to put together a costume from items we have plus the ears (shown on right) or sew one myself.  
Decisions, decisions...

Boys Halloween Costumes

Boys' Halloween Costumes 2012

Here are all of the boys Halloween costumes! Yes, they vary slightly from the pics, but they are just too adorable! They communally decided that they all wanted to go as the Avengers this year (they LOVE the movie). 



20 Weeks

Well, I had an "official due date change" at my last doctor's appointment. Little peanut has been measuring a week ahead the entire pregnancy so they just went ahead and bumped it up.

Here is my 20 WEEK picture! Halfway baby!!!

I drew a very strange banana. Haha. 

Bump Wardrobe

Lightweight Hoodie

Here is my outfit from today! Sooo comfortable. I swear leggings are a life saver during pregnancy. 

Hoodie and leggings are from VS Pink. 


Halloween Blurb

The kids and I had a blast yesterday afternoon making some Halloween Rice Krispy Treats. We used some of the decorating supplies that Grandma Shelly sent us! The kids went crazy and ended up with black smiles.

Halloween sprinkles in fun shapes and colors.
Black and green sparkly icing.
Cookie cutters in the shapes of a broom, cauldron, hat, and boot!

Brody decorated the cauldron.
Zachary decorated the boot.
And Wyatt (more like I) decorated the hat.

Of course in all of the fun, I forgot to snap a picture of the kids! Oh well... yay for icing covered children hopped up on sugar.

Thanks Shelly!!


Chalk Message Board


All I did to make this super cute message board:

Bought a really ugly picture from Goodwill for $5. 
Took it apart, painted the frame, painted the picture that was previously in there. 
Put back together! Super easy and cute. 

I got the idea from Pinterest :) 

18 Weeks


Here is my official 18 week photo! I'm starting to feel baby move more and more (and baby likes to kick my bladder lol). 

Baby is the size of a mango

Craving: salt & vinegar chips. Pepsi, and lo mein. Why can't I crave something healthy?!

Missing: My energy

Wishing: I could hang out in my pajamas all day, every day. 

Can't believe I'm almost halfway there!

Bump Wardrobe

Outfit from yesterday... it was incredibly comfy, as usual! And my items vary from these picture and I'll update the post with a pic of me wearing it later :)

Prego Style
Black Sweater: Old Navy
Coral Skirt: TJ Maxx
Floral Scarf: Forever 21
Toms: Toms.com


Words of Wisdom: Brody Edition

"Mommy, I don't have to go to school! I already know "smart"! "


Delicious Meal That is Unnamed

1 packet dry Ranch salad dressing
1 packet Zesty Italian dressing
1 packet Brown gravy
3/4 cup water( I add 1 cup more water otherwise it ends up very salty)
Pork roast or chicken (I used chicken tonight)
Cook for 8 hours

Cooking the chicken like this makes it unbelievably tender and juicy flavor packed.

Hmm... As far as names for this deliciousness ... Maybe: Ranch Italian Gravy Chicken. Bahahahaa.

Open to more suggestions. Legitimate or otherwise.

Make Up Essentials

Make Up Essentials

Here, my friends, are my make-up basics. Yes, there are about a million more options and additions you could add to this, but this bunch right here is generally - at most - what I end up doing. I went over a few of these in the five minute make-up tutorial too...

1. Mac Cosmetics Studio Fix Powder Foundation - $27 - I love this powder. It's very lightweight and you can adjust the coverage as you need it.
2. Mac Cosmetics Powder Blush - $20 - This blush has great color that stays all day.
3. Urban Decay Naked Palette - $50 - You will never need anything more than this palette. Great color and longevity.
4. Lancome Le Crayon Kohl in Black Coffee - $50 - Best pencil eyeliner by a long shot.
5. Revlon Color Stay Liquid Liner in Blackest Black - $6 - Easy to apply!
6. Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara - $5 - Perfect volume and length.

Healthy Oatmeal Smoothie

I've been addicted to this smoothie recipe for months. It's a really healthy combo, and helps out when I'm feeling nauseous or not wanting to eat in the morning.

1 cup ice
1/2 cup frozen strawberries
1/2 vanilla yogurt
1 banana
1 tsp honey
1 cup vanilla soy milk
1/2 cup rolled oats

Put all ingredients in a blender and GO.


Artichoke Dip

I have an awesome artichoke dip recipe that my mother actually came up with. It's one of my favorite easy recipes to whip up.

Artichoke Dip

4 blocks of cream cheese
Small bunch of green onions
1 can artichoke hearts (not marinated)
1 tsp white pepper
3 shakes of Tabasco sauce
1 cup finely shredded Parmesan cheese

Mix all ingredients together and bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes.

Serve with French bread, raw broccoli, and any other small veggies :) Don't mind the picture. It doesn't taste like gloop.


Like Taking Food From a Prego...

Yes, my friends, I have done it. I have just become the epitome of being pregnant...

I lost my mind over Ryan eating the last of the Salt & Vinegar potato chips (my current craving).

Lost. My. Mind.

Let me set the stage for you....

There I was, sitting on the bed, and I stooped down to grab the chips that were next to the bed, remnants of my late snack last night. As I peer into the bag, I make a disheartened remark about there being barely any chips left. I'm about to reach my hand in to enjoy the last of the deliciousness, when Ryan reaches his hand in as well, and scoops up almost ALL OF THE CHIPS.

I asked him incredulously, "Did you really just take food from a pregnant woman? Really?"

I almost cried. And I wouldn't speak to him for an extended amount of time.

I regained control of my hormones, apologized for being a wench, and then proceeded to beg him to go pick up more.

I must try to keep these hormones in check! Poor Ryan! Sheesh! 


Delish Banana Bread

I got an awesome banana bread recipe from my soon-to-be mother-in-law Shelly. I finally got to try it out today and it's AMAZING. It's different than most of the other banana bread recipes out there. Give it a go!

1 cup sugar
1/3 cup margarine or butter
2 eggs
1 1/2 cups mashed ripe bananas (3 to 4 medium)
1/3 cup water
1 2/3 cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup chopped nuts (I didn't put these in)

Heat oven to 350. Grease bottom only of loaf pan. Mix sugar and butter in a bowl. Stir in eggs until blended. Add bananas and water, beat for 30 seconds. Stir in remaining ingredients except nuts until moistened, then add nuts if desired. Pour into pan and bake until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean - 55 to 60 minutes. Cool 5 minutes, remove from pan and let cool completely before slicing.


Potty Training Success!!!


Words cannot express how excited I am that Wyatt is 100% potty trained. I don't remember the last time he had an accident! Even at night!

What I ended up doing was putting my foot down. Yes, I know, potty training books say this is a "No, no." But it was definitely necessary.

He knew what to do in the bathroom. He was just so stubborn and he liked the comfort of his diaper.

One day, after gagging profusely while changing one of his pungent diapers, I said, "Wyatt, that is enough. You know how to go potty like a big boy. From now on, no more diapers. Understand?"

He sheepishly said, "Yes, Mommy." He was very excited about his cool underwear though. We had some not-so-pleasant accidents at first, but now, just a few weeks later... he's potty trained!!! I made sure to make a HUGE deal every single time he used the potty chair. Even when he had accidents, I gave him encouraging words.

I'm so proud of my little guy!

Bump Wardrobe

Bump Wardrobe time again! I'm wearing my Wet Seal stretchy and fabulous jeggings (mine are actually dark blue, but I covet this color as well), long sleeve American Rag white tee, Maurice's light denim shirt, and Steve Madden boots :)

ALSO - I updated all of the other Bump Wardrobe posts with pictures of me wearing the outfit. Enjoy!

Denim Shirt 2


Easy Peasy Little Girl Hair

I have a very active almost-two-year-old girl and trying to tame her hair can be quite the task. Regular pony tails can fall out easily from rough playing, pigtails get tugged on, and forget a braid with the length her hair is now.

So this is my go-to hair-do for Miss Maddie girl. I call it Two Pigs and a Pony.

The hairstyle is pretty obviously simple. 

Two pig tails up front then all hair pulled into a pony. 

This is a very secure hairstyle for playtime and school. So if you have a rambunctious little girl, try it out, and let go of your hair woes. 


Being a Mom of Boys

"WOW... you must really have your hands full!"

"Better you than me!"

"You must never sleep!"

"I pity you when they become high schoolers..."

These are things I hear frequently when people see or learn that I'm a Mommy to three boys. Yes, I'm pretty freakin' busy. Yes, I lose sleep over worries/plans/random thoughts about the boys. Yes, they can be quite the handful - especially when a certain three year old I know doesn't take his afternoon nap.

Sure, they can drive a person up a wall. Yeah, they can be mildly destructive. Yes, they wrestle and tattle and use way too much toothpaste if left alone.

But I'll be the first to tell anyone - I love it. I love my boys. They are my pals, my Mommy's boys. They snuggle with me when I'm lonely and they tell me I'm beautiful when I first wake up. Any person would be blessed to have three boys like mine.

My Kid Rules

Brody. is. awesome.

He went to the chiropractor with Ry after school and got this beauty out of a coin machine. He is so my child.


Prego Stats

16 weeks 3 days

Cravings: Cranberry & Turkey sandwiches, Pepsi, Cinnamon & Sugar toast, grape juice, and Lo Mein.

Feeling: Pretty emotional, whiney, and exhausted. But also excited!...and scared.

Random symptoms: Sleeping pretty awful, sore boobies, tons of saliva, constant bathroom trips, REALLY REALLY sore tatas, minor nausea, and headaches. Did I mention sore boobs?

Stomach Turners: Maddie's diapers, doing the dishes, the garbage can (it no longer lives inside, it's been banished to the back porch)

Belly: Back and forth. Sometimes I feel huge, sometimes I don't... I'll start posting the bump soon :)

Feeling baby? Not yet...maybe...possibly? Could just be gas. Ha.

Bump Wardrobe

Floral scarf

I'm wearing a super comfy (surprise!) outfit today. The shirt is from Victoria's Secret PINK and I have in in white. The jeans in the picture are similar to what I'm wearing - mine are just from Wet Seal and are STRETCHY yay! The boots I've had for a couple years - they're Steve Madden Zooiiee boots. And the floral scarf is similar to this one, except it's from Forever 21.


Zachy the Cutie Patootie

Mornings are hectic around here, getting everyone to school on time is quite the process. I always look forward to that final moment where I pull up to their perspective schools, give them lovies, and drop them off. 

Then, as I pull away from the school, I have to resist the urge to scoop them back up and spend the whole day at home snuggling, cuddling, and playing. 

I reluctantly drive away even though nearly every morning I can feel tears prickling in my eyes. Education IS necessary, right?! 

Having been a stay-at-home Mom (almost) their entire lives, I have a slight separation anxiety every time they're away from me. 

After the first hour, I get into my groove, and immerse myself in cleaning or laziness or blogging, as I'm currently doing. 

Ahh look at my Zachary. He picked out his outfit all by himself and was incredibly proud when I loved it. 


Bedtime Snuggles

Brody is such an amazing big brother. He is always helping out his brothers and sister. In this picture, he filled Maddie's sippy with milk, snuggled her up in her blanket, and laid down to cuddle with her. Melts my heart!

Bump Wardrobe

And for today's installment of my super comfy bump wardrobe: Leopard

The cardi/cami/scarf combo is perfect for the awkward "Is she pregnant? Or has she been skipping the gym?" look. If you want to emphasize your bump, you can button the cardi right under your tatas. To cover it up a little more, leave the cardi unbuttoned and tie the scarf long. The American Eagle capris are very stretchy which is an awesome bonus.

I also like to add a cute fedora to this outfit if I don't want to do my hair. :)

A Day in the Life...

What does a day look like with four kids going to three different schools on different schedules? Well here's a little snippet:

6:50am:    Wake up and take a shower if I'm not too tired.
7:00am:    Wake up Wyatt, if he's not already awake.
7:15:         Make breakfast/pour cereal for Bubba.
                 Wake up the big boys and get them cereal.
7:25:          Get everyone dressed and wake Maddie up.
7:35:          Load everyone up in the car and drive to Wyatt's bus stop.
7:50:          Get back home and make sure all homework is done and teeth/hair is brushed.
                  Try to squeeze in getting myself ready.
8:10:           Load everyone back up to take the big boys to school.
8:15:           Drop off big boys.
8:30:           Drop off Maddie at preschool.
11:30:         Pick up Maddie and eat lunch.
12:40:         Pick up Wyatt.
12:55:         Put Wyatt and Maddie down for a nap.
12:55-2:45: Clean/cook/craft/sit on my lazy prego butt and watch Gilmore Girls while eating popcorn.
2:50:           Wake up littles, load them up, pick up big boys.
3:00:           After school snack time.
3:15-4:15:  Quiet/reading time for the kids while I finish getting dinner ready. Or whatever.
4:15-5:30:  Gym
5:45:           Family dinner
6:30:           Dinner clean up
6:35:           Bath time, brush teeth.
7:00:           Story time
7:30:           Individual reading time.
8:00:           Bed time.
8:10:           Mommy collapses and begs Ryan to do the dishes. Haha.

Then the rest of the night is cleaning, homework, crafting, or relaxing.
Phew! Got tired just writing that :)

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