A Day in the Life...

What does a day look like with four kids going to three different schools on different schedules? Well here's a little snippet:

6:50am:    Wake up and take a shower if I'm not too tired.
7:00am:    Wake up Wyatt, if he's not already awake.
7:15:         Make breakfast/pour cereal for Bubba.
                 Wake up the big boys and get them cereal.
7:25:          Get everyone dressed and wake Maddie up.
7:35:          Load everyone up in the car and drive to Wyatt's bus stop.
7:50:          Get back home and make sure all homework is done and teeth/hair is brushed.
                  Try to squeeze in getting myself ready.
8:10:           Load everyone back up to take the big boys to school.
8:15:           Drop off big boys.
8:30:           Drop off Maddie at preschool.
11:30:         Pick up Maddie and eat lunch.
12:40:         Pick up Wyatt.
12:55:         Put Wyatt and Maddie down for a nap.
12:55-2:45: Clean/cook/craft/sit on my lazy prego butt and watch Gilmore Girls while eating popcorn.
2:50:           Wake up littles, load them up, pick up big boys.
3:00:           After school snack time.
3:15-4:15:  Quiet/reading time for the kids while I finish getting dinner ready. Or whatever.
4:15-5:30:  Gym
5:45:           Family dinner
6:30:           Dinner clean up
6:35:           Bath time, brush teeth.
7:00:           Story time
7:30:           Individual reading time.
8:00:           Bed time.
8:10:           Mommy collapses and begs Ryan to do the dishes. Haha.

Then the rest of the night is cleaning, homework, crafting, or relaxing.
Phew! Got tired just writing that :)

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