Being a Mom of Boys

"WOW... you must really have your hands full!"

"Better you than me!"

"You must never sleep!"

"I pity you when they become high schoolers..."

These are things I hear frequently when people see or learn that I'm a Mommy to three boys. Yes, I'm pretty freakin' busy. Yes, I lose sleep over worries/plans/random thoughts about the boys. Yes, they can be quite the handful - especially when a certain three year old I know doesn't take his afternoon nap.

Sure, they can drive a person up a wall. Yeah, they can be mildly destructive. Yes, they wrestle and tattle and use way too much toothpaste if left alone.

But I'll be the first to tell anyone - I love it. I love my boys. They are my pals, my Mommy's boys. They snuggle with me when I'm lonely and they tell me I'm beautiful when I first wake up. Any person would be blessed to have three boys like mine.

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