Potty Training Success!!!


Words cannot express how excited I am that Wyatt is 100% potty trained. I don't remember the last time he had an accident! Even at night!

What I ended up doing was putting my foot down. Yes, I know, potty training books say this is a "No, no." But it was definitely necessary.

He knew what to do in the bathroom. He was just so stubborn and he liked the comfort of his diaper.

One day, after gagging profusely while changing one of his pungent diapers, I said, "Wyatt, that is enough. You know how to go potty like a big boy. From now on, no more diapers. Understand?"

He sheepishly said, "Yes, Mommy." He was very excited about his cool underwear though. We had some not-so-pleasant accidents at first, but now, just a few weeks later... he's potty trained!!! I made sure to make a HUGE deal every single time he used the potty chair. Even when he had accidents, I gave him encouraging words.

I'm so proud of my little guy!

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