Prego Stats

16 weeks 3 days

Cravings: Cranberry & Turkey sandwiches, Pepsi, Cinnamon & Sugar toast, grape juice, and Lo Mein.

Feeling: Pretty emotional, whiney, and exhausted. But also excited!...and scared.

Random symptoms: Sleeping pretty awful, sore boobies, tons of saliva, constant bathroom trips, REALLY REALLY sore tatas, minor nausea, and headaches. Did I mention sore boobs?

Stomach Turners: Maddie's diapers, doing the dishes, the garbage can (it no longer lives inside, it's been banished to the back porch)

Belly: Back and forth. Sometimes I feel huge, sometimes I don't... I'll start posting the bump soon :)

Feeling baby? Not yet...maybe...possibly? Could just be gas. Ha.

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