The Not-So-Sunny Side of Pregnancy

Okay, let's be real for a minute. Pregnancy sucks!

Or at least it can. Not all the time and not for everyone, but the majority of us experience some of the less than pleasant symptoms and side effects of pregnancy...

1. Breaking Out Everywhere: On your face, your chest, your back, and for me - even on my neck/behind my ears. Not cool body, not cool. I've never experienced this in any of my other pregnancies, so this one is making me highly irritated.

To try to keep the breakouts at bay:
          1. Don't pick at them.
          2. Keep them clean.
          3. Exfoliate.
          4. Use natural make-up.
          5. And acne treatment if desired.

2. Exhaustion: This one is tough if you work and/or have other children. The eyes always threatening to close, the constant need to sit down, your bed constantly on your mind.

To keep the energy up:

 Eat high energy and high protein foods:
          1. Edamame/soybeans
          2. Macadamia nuts
          3. Blueberries
          4. Whole grains
          5. Chicken
          6. Eggs
          7. Drink LOTS of water

Work out! Working out helps keep you in shape and you raring to go. Even if it's just a mini morning workout, do it! I'll post my workout routine in another post.

3. Sleep Troubles: Ugh. This is one I'm really fighting with right now. Hard getting to sleep, hard staying asleep, and in between that waking up to pee.

How to help:
         1. Start a nightly routine.
         2. Do prenatal yoga at night.
         3. Take a relaxing bath.
         4. Give yourself time to wind down.

And there's plenty of other icky, not-fun stuff, but we'll save it for another post.

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