Wyatt Wednesday

Well, this is a day late. My clock is off this week....

Five Fun Facts about Wyatt James.
1. I called him Bubs 90% of the time.
2. He was having major communication issues until he started going to preschool, then he had the language explosion!
3. He's very mechanically inclined.
4. He likes to pretend he's oblivious. He's not.
5. He tells me he loves me the most out of any of the kids.

Ahh, Mr. Wyatt. He's Mr. I-Accidentally-Destroy-Things. Had a hard time potty training this little guy, he's perfectly content to sit in his poop for indeterminate amounts of time. He's the sweetest little man ever though! He's incredibly friendly - definitely a kid that would walk away with a stranger.

Our current struggle with him is pretty amusing. Every time he gets on the bus for school, he takes off his shoes, socks, and tries to take off his coat and shirt. He just gets really hot, I guess.

He will fight you to the death over a train, truck, or car.

Love him!

Kissy from Bubs!

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