A Dash of Sanity

There are few things better than lounging around, drinking some delicious hot chocolate, and reading a book. With four kids, there isn't much time for the lounging part, but I've been sick this last week so Ryan took all of the kids out of the house and I got some much needed peace and quiet.

What am I reading? Why Harry Potter of course!

Some have said that they are surprised my literary taste is "so immature" for holding an English degree, but you know what I say?! "DON'T MESS WITH MY HARRY POTTER!" The books are excellent and an easy read, which is what one needs, dammit.

I will fight to the death for my hot chocolate as well. 
I use regular old Swiss Miss hot chocolate mix, but THEN I add heavy whipping cream and some marshmallows. DELISH. Try it people! 

Andddd now I'm done with this random and pointless post. :)

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