Brody Tuesday - Early :)

Brody is my big boy, my very first baby. He has a hilarious sense of humor and such a funny outlook on life.

Fun Facts About Brod:
1. He once told my older brother, "You should stop smoking or you are going to die."
2. He is a Math WHIZ
3. He is very specific about the shoes that he wears.
4. He told me "Mommy, I love my blocks. But I love you more than my blocks. And that's A LOT!"
5. He is the most responsible seven year old I know.

Brody cracks me up. You'd never think that when he was two, he was an absolute hellion! He was very "independent" and had a "I do what I want!" attitude. It was a rough time. He also used to chew on everything. EVERYTHING. He chewed the hand rail going down our stairs like a little beaver - it literally had bite marks out of it. He also chewed the corners off of cabinet doors. And all of his toys.

But luckily he grew out of it! PHEW!

He is so mechanically inclined. He could take apart anything and put it back together. He is Lego-obsessed. He also remembers everything. Today, for instance, he saw an actor who resembled someone from Grey's Anatomy in a movie I was watching, and then proceeded to give me very specific details on an episode I watched over a year ago! Mind you, I don't let him watch Grey's Anatomy, so it had to have been a split second glimpse of the show.

He also likes to remind me of conversations I had with various people weeks, months, or years ago. Sometimes that can bite me in the ass.

He is also incredibly competitive, which can be somewhat of a problem. He definitely has what I like to call "First Born Syndrome." For example, he believes he must always be first due to his "oldest" status. First to get breakfast, head of the table, first in the car, first out of the car, first to get lovies, first first first. He's working on it. ;)

He looks exactly like my younger brother, Brandon. He is also obsessed with Michael Jordan because of Uncle Brandon.

He's incredibly helpful around the house - loves doing chores (I'm sure that will fade over time), keeping an eye on the little kids, helping Maddie around (he spoils her), and he loves helping with anything else he can.

Although words cannot express how awesome and caring of a child he is, there's a glimpse at Brody-man for you.

Love him!

Brody after playing basketball. Don't mind the lighting, he's not really that yellow. I promise his kidneys are perfect :)

Brody when he was 2ish! Adorable!

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