Gingerbread Men Making

Grandma and Grandpa bought a gingerbread men kit for the kids. It had four HUGE gingerbread men in it, as well as nifty little icing bags and candy for the decorations. 

So convenient that it had four...

Anyhow, here are the boys making theirs. Maddie-Girl was already down for the night. 

Look how clean and tidy we are, Mom!

Getting started....

"Mommy, I put hearts on it because I love you so much!"

"Mommy! COOKIE!"

"But Moooooooom, don't take a picture yet! I want it more detailed!"

They had a blast (and a major sugar high) for the rest of the night! By the way, we got it at Costco for like $9! Good dealllll. 

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