Preparing for Roman

After a few preterm labor scares recently, we are really cracking down on trying to get everything ready for Mr. Roman.

Since we didn't expect to have another baby right now, I had cleared out all of my baby items. It's a strange experience trying to remember everything you need for a baby after having four back-to-back not that long ago. I should know this, right?

I perused a few "registry helper" lists on the interwebs and what I found was a load of useless stuff. Ahhh, the baby business is booming.

So here is my minimalistic , realistic, and reasonable list of items you'll actually use for a newborn:

1. Car seat. Duh.

2. A sleeping apparatus of some kind, whether that be a crib, a pack n' play, a bassinet, a laundry basket....

3. Blankets. To keep your offspring warm.

4. Receiving blankets. A shit load. Because with various fluids oozing out of the baby's every orifice, these are a lifesaver. No, you don't need the super fancy, $34 for a pack of two, kind of receiving blankets.

5. Baby towels. They are much softer and easier to manage than adult sized towels.

6. Baby washcloths. Again, softer and you'll be using them constantly.

7. Baby bath. This could just be one of those $5 foam pads in the kitchen sink, but you do need a little something for when baby gets slippery.

8. Clothes: some onesies, pants, and sleepers. You probably want five of each at least, you'll be changing baby a lot with the oozing and such.

9. Scratch mittens: When I was a first time mom, I had no idea these were so handy. You need these for when baby is brand new and you cannot clip their sharp little fingernails yet.

10. Hats: Just some simple cotton ones to keep baby's head warm will do. You don't need anything crazy.

11. Diapers and wipes. Self explanatory. I find the Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers are the best for newborn baby butts. And the Pampers Sensitive Wipes are amazing.

12. Baby wash and lotion. I use the Johnson's Sensitive Wash and the classic pink lotion. I wouldn't suggest getting an off brand of the lotion- I've used a few and the consistency is really strange.

13. Binkies. If you use them.

14. Bottles. I love Playtex drop-ins and I'm giving Mimijumi bottles a test this time.

15. Bottle brush.

16. Baby detergent: their skin breaks out so easy, so a sensitive or free and clear wash is best. I personally like Ivory Snow or Dreft.

17. Breast pump: for nursing mamas only. So Dad can bond with baby during feeding as well. And so you can take a damn shower.

18. Breast pads. For nursing mamas only. Your boobies will leak everywhere.

19. Nursing bras: For nursing mamas.

20. Boppy: mostly for nursing mamas, but this is a great little seat for baby as well.

21. Nipple cream: because breast feeding hurts for awhile.

22. A baby carrier of some kind. I love the Ergo. I've tried about 10 different carriers and this one is the easiest on your back, very comfortable for you, baby, and Dad too if he wears it. But you'll want your hands free sometimes.

If I'm forgetting anything, feel free to let me know. Roman will appreciate it.

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