What to Bring to the Hospital

The internet is full of lists upon lists of what to bring to the hospital when you have a baby. Looking over these lists, I am astounded that some moms actually cart all of this stuff to the hospital and back!

As a mom of five, I have been through the hospital stay process enough times to know what is necessary and what is not.

Believe me, you want as little as possible, you'll have enough to haul around with gifts and the various items the hospital gives you.

This really all you'll need! 
A hat, a sleeper, a carseat, and a blanket. 
The hospital will provide diapers, wipes, a pacifier, bottles, and formula if you need them.

Mom, don't over do it. You don't need magazines and books. You'll be exhausted and likely completely enthralled with your new little bundle. 
Bring: a comfy outfit, with nursing bra, socks, and slip on shoes - you'll get mesh underwear and pads from the hospital.
A hairbrush and hair tie, toiletries - face wash, make up remover, toothbrush. 
Make up - to look presentable in pictures. I skipped the make up with my first - big mistake! I didn't like any of the pictures that were taken of me that day. 
Phone and charger - to update family and friends, or browse between feedings and cuddles. 

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