What's in This Mommy's Diaper Bag?

What are your diaper bag must haves?
News Flash: You don't have to be hauling around the entire nursery in your diaper bag.
It took me a couple kids to figure this out. I would take too many diapers, several outfits, breast milk, toys, breast pump, formula, etc etc and a separate purse for me.
To save you some time, and to save your shoulder from permanent damage, here is my list of diaper bag essentials!Diaper Bag
1. Timi & Leslie "Charlie" Diaper Bag
2. Back up Onesie (in case of explosions or leakages)
3. Wipes
4. Soothies
5. Bottles to fill with breast milk or formula before heading out
6. Diaper Cream
7. Diapers for that cute little bum
8. Diaper Changing Pad - my Charlie bag came with this
9. Diaper Clutch for Mom's essentials - my Charlie bag came with this, it has enough space for cards, phone, chapstick, everything I specifically need.
10. Light blanket or receiving blanket


  1. Love this collection of diaper bag contents!! That's pretty much what is in mine :D
    Love your blog!! Isn't Chelsea the greatest???
    Melissa @ Fawn Over Baby

    1. Thanks! YES, Chelsea is amazing!!!


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