A New Year

Now that the Christmas craziness has passed, I'll be catching up on posting and tutorials. I have so many saved up!

My New Year's Eve will be spent at home, in my pajamas, cuddling with my hubby while my beautiful kids sleep.

Happy 2014 everyone!


Friday Faves: Primers

 All time fave: Smashbox Photo Finish Blemish Control

Oil free, helps keep skin clear, great base for foundation.
The green tint evens out redness and irritation, the feel is luxurious, and it makes make up application so smooth. This is my #1 primer ever!

Smashbox Photo Finish SPF 20

LOVE the feeling of this primer. The SPF is a great bonus, especially for summer.

MAC Prep + Prime

The feeling of this isn't as smooth as the Smashbox, it has more of a lotiony feel to it. It has luminosity/sparkle to it that brightens your skin. A great primer and your make up stays put!

Benefit the POREfessional

Benefit has great products, I use their Erase Paste often. The POREfessional is smooth and leaves a flawless face. The only drawback is this made my skin break out a little, so maybe not the best choice for oily skin like mine.

Fashion Friday Guest Blogging

Going live over on Hello Gorgeous Photo soon!


Christmas Pajamas

Every year, our family has the tradition of getting new Christmas themed pajamas. We pull them out on the first day of December and wear them the majority of the month in anticipation of Christmas.

 I've heard of kids getting Christmas themed pajamas on Christmas Eve, but I really enjoy holiday spirit leading up to the big day, and the jammies are a fun reminder.

Here are ours for this year!

All of them are from Carter's - as you can tell I'm slightly obsessed with their ADORABLE prints.

Hair Secrets

Hair Secret #1 

Dry Shampoo. 
Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo is a life saver. Not only does it allow me to wash my hair much less, it gives great volume and texture for backcombing. Since discovering this about 2 years ago, I wash my hair once or twice a week, which, in turn, has made my hair healthier! 

Now instead of taking an hour to blow dry and style my hair, it takes me 5-10 minutes AND looks much better. 

To use: Section hair off and spray as you go until all roots have been sprayed. Pull hair up or out of your face with a headband and let sit to soak up any oils (I usually work on make up during this time). After about five minutes, move hands through hair as if washing your hair in the shower, rubbing in all white residue from the product. 
After this has been complete, you can finish up and go - but I add backcombing to give extra oomph.

(Backcombing tutorial coming soon)

Outfit of the Day

Simple outfit today!
This is one of my go-to outfits for when I'm in a rush (or crazy tired due to a teething baby who was up all night).

White tee is from American Eagle, purchased last year. 
Black cardi from Old Navy. 
American Eagle boyfriend jeans. 
Black Toms shoes. 

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