Wellness Wednesday

This week is a different kind of Wellness Wednesday.

Being a mom, obviously sick days are not an option and our hubbies can't take a day off for every cold that comes our way. I've had a wicked cold since getting back from vacation and it is kicking. my. butt.

So today I'm sharing some of my survival tips for getting through the colds and coughs of motherhood without losing your mind.

Preventative measures: BE HEALTHY.

I know you're last on your priority list, mama, but you need to take care of that body. You are the most important person in your children's lives, you need to ensure your health for many years to come. No, I'm obviously not just talking about colds, flus, and other viral stuff. Take care of yourself through healthy eating, daily exercise, and healthy mental practices. Do not put yourself on the back burner until it's too late.

Since adopting a health nut lifestyle about 2.5 years ago, I have felt better on a daily basis than I ever have in my life before. I am more active with my children, I am able to be on my feet running, jumping, chasing, tickling, tagging, and much more all day long. I'm less tired, less sluggish, and MUCH happier.

If you can't do it for yourself, do it for your children.

Moving on...

SLOW DOWN. When you get sick, you need to realize that slowing down is okay. I struggle with letting my daily tasks and duties slide. That laundry does not need to be folded today, mama. The vacuuming can wait until tomorrow.

You don't need to be Supermom when you're sick. Put away the craft supplies and break out the movies, popcorn, coloring books, and Leap Pads. A day of rest for you, means a day of rest for them too. They won't mind.

Let your husband take the reigns. That's what they are for! Helping pick up the slack. Luckily, I have an amazing hubby who is incredibly helpful with the kids and around the house on a regular basis. When I get sick, he'll throw a freezer meal in the crockpot in the morning, wear the kids out a bit before work (hello obstacle courses in the backyard), and make breakfast for the kids and sandwiches for lunch so I don't have to. I haven't quite come to terms with the way he loads the dishwasher though ;)

This last few days has been full of couch cuddling, movie watching, and easy meals. Bare minimum, drinking tons of water, and lots of tissues.

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