Pregnancy Fashion

We've all been there. Feeling like a huge, lumpy mess. Ready to throw out your entire wardrobe because nothing fits right anymore, ready to down a whole carton of ice cream in tears. 
Ah, the joys of pregnancy. 

Let me tell you something - invest in actual maternity clothes. Not only will they fit you and your growing bump better, but they will make you look and feel fabulous! It took me a couple pregnancies to realize that even though I could wear my pre pregnancy clothes, I really shouldn't. 

The jeans had to sit below my belly, which made the crotch seam sit too low on my leg and it was highly irritating, not to mention the saggy butt look of jeans that are pushed down to far. The shirts didn't fit around the bump in a cute way. More like in a stretched out and too short way. 

Whether you will use the maternity clothes again or not, buy some anyway! Put down the baby registry list, and give yourself a little treat that will make your pregnancy so much easier.

Here are my tips for dressing that bump!

Especially if you are pregnant in the summer (like me currently) I would get some cute simple dresses that are light and versatile. 

I have these three dresses and they have been a life saver. Feeling hot, sweaty, and pants are not happening? Throw a light cotton dress on and look amazing. Not to mention maternity style hide any extra lumps and bumps you made feel self conscious about. 

Plus you can throw on some accessories to jazz them up, easy peasy! 

Throwing a little something over a basic piece is a great way to jazz it up or cover up! Try a jean jacket or vest, or some bright patterned kimonos - which are so light and comfortable!
If you're pregnant in the winter, throw on a cardi or wool vest. 

See how cute these would be with the dresses up above!


I don't care if your normal jeans still fit. Trust me, they don't fit enough. Telling you this from experience, get the damn jeans and it will change your life. I didn't buy a single pair of maternity jeans until my FIFTH pregnancy. Then I was sad that I missed out on the other years of being SO COMFORTABLE.

Try on as many different pairs as you can to find the right fit. I personally love the H&M Mama Jeans and they are an excellent price. 

The Gap maternity jeans are rather unpleasant. Only a select few are made of stretchy material, which makes it hard to move comfortably without feeling like you're straining against the stiff jean material. Seems odd to make non-stretchy jeans for women who are expanding. 
Hell, even my pre pregnancy jeans are stretchy. 

Get a few different colors of basic maternity shirts/tanks. I'd suggest neutrals so you can pair them with anything, or throw one on with yoga pants for one of those days. 

Belt it up!

Add a cute belt to a non maternity shirt or dress to accentuate that bump! 
Here's a cute example of Kristin Cavallari belting the bump in a stylish way with a leopard belt!

DO NOT wear big baggy clothing. This will just make you look huge, and no matter what our body type, no one wants to look even bigger. And no one wants to look like a circus tent. 

DO NOT wear clothing that is too small. It's not flattering, and more importantly it's not comfortable. Don't go there, babe. 

DO NOT hide your bump. No matter how much you don't feel this way, you are sporting the cutest baby bump and you should show it off! 

Work it mamas!

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