Christmas Pictures

I just have to say, my crew is so cute. 
We took Christmas pictures this past weekend, and they turned out adorable! 

Romy was trying to eat his vest, Lincoln was trying to nurse, and Ry had his hand next to Zach's head to keep him from looking around. 
Sounds about right  #momlife


Mama & Baby Instagram Shop Wish List

I love Instagram! It has shown me so many amazing shops that I just LOVE. 
Since Christmas is coming up soon, I put together a Mama Wish List and a Baby Wish List from my favorite IG shops. Enjoy!

Mama List

Lucky Sage 

This shop makes the cutest bracelets! AND she makes matching mother and daughters set that are to die for. I cannot wait to get my hands on some of them!!

Post Baby Body

I was a bit nervous posting this, since I know the internet can be a cruel place. But I wanted to put this out there to show what real mom's bodies look like after children. So often we see celebrities who give birth and, within days, have that perfect body again. I'm sure there are people who walk out of the delivery room looking incredible, but that is not the norm. Everyone recovers differently, the important part is actually allowing our bodies to recover.

#realmoms #realbodies #reallife

I, like many, want to be healthy and fit again. So instead of pushing my body to exercise, I eat healthy and make sure I'm taking in all the nutrients my body needs to make breastmilk for Linc.

What does my post baby diet look like? (I'm using the word "diet" in the original sense of the word: the kinds of foods that one habitually eats. Not in the restrictive sense)

It's simple: shop the outside aisles of grocery stores. Fresh fruits, fresh veggies, lean proteins, and healthy grains. 

Protein is key for energy, grains help with milk production! Good to remember for those breastfeeding mamas.

Eat when you are hungry and eat normal portions. 

Keeping healthy To Go snacks has been very helpful on those crazy days.

Of course, this is not all I've eaten. I do not abstain completely from favorite foods or treats, instead I aim for moderation. Let's be honest though,  I did eat half a bag of peanut butter M&M's last night.

And wait until your doctor clears you for exercise before resuming intense exercise.

I'll be back to update my exercise plans after the doctor clears me in a couple weeks.



DIY Banners

When we moved this summer, I did a complete decor makeover on all of the kids' rooms (big reveal to come later). I had a blast putting different Pinterest DIYs to use and making up a few of my own as well.

Here are two very cute, and incredibly simple projects. 

Current Faves: Basic Make Up


Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween from our scurvy crew to yours!

Starting with bottom left: Zach as Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, Brody as Will Turner (he specifies from the third Pirates of the Caribbean), Maddie as Tinkerbell, Wyatt as Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Lincoln (in my arms) as the Tick Tock Crocodile (from Peter Pan/Jake and the Neverland Pirates), I'm a pirate extra, Ryan is Mr. Smee, my dad is next to him as Captain Hook, holding Roman as Peter Pan, and my mom is next to him as another random pirate.

All of the kids' costumes, plus Ryan and I's costumes, were made/put together by me for a grand total of $45!

Update on how I did it coming this week for DIY Day.

Looks Lately

Check out my Instagram for make up, hair, and outfit ideas :) @modedemommy

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