DIY Banners

When we moved this summer, I did a complete decor makeover on all of the kids' rooms (big reveal to come later). I had a blast putting different Pinterest DIYs to use and making up a few of my own as well.

Here are two very cute, and incredibly simple projects. 

Flag Banner. 

You will need:
Felt (amount varies on how big you want the flags, and how long the banner will be)
Hot glue gun
Scissors or rotary blade

Cut triangles out of your felt.

Cut small holes in the two upper corners. 
String on ribbon. 
Place a small dot of hot glue on the top middle back of triangle under the string. 

BOOM. You're done. 

Tissue Paper Garland

This DIY I got from Project Nursery. (LINK)

I changed it up a bit by making the tissue paper strips shorter and if I were to do it again, I would make the strips thicker as well. 

It is very very simple. 
You cut strips of tissue paper, make little bundles, fold in half, and twist!
Then you string them along a ribbon or string. 

Happy DIY!

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