Mommy & Me Matchy Matchy

Due to the popularity of my matchy outfits post, I'm finally putting some updated outfits up! 
CLICK HERE for original post. 

Hope you all like it :)


I Work Out

 Here are the current workouts I'm cycling through. (I also post these things on Instagram, follow me @polkadotspirates).
I'm noticing that since being pregnant and giving birth, I lost ab strength (obviously), some glutes, and arm strength.

Impromptu Family Pics

My father-in-law just so happens to be a photographer and while we were visiting them over the weekend we took amazing pictures. 

This one is my absolute favorite. 
Ryan hung Roman upside down because he was SO over it (Romy likes being upside down). 
Zach was mad, not sure why. 
Maddie was very proud of her Ariel little people toy. 

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