Meal Prep Take Two

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I have had such a huge influx of people asking for help with meal prep, I thought I would write it all down. It's not anything special, I'm definitely no expert, but maybe something I do can help you out.

When flexible dieting, you need to stay within certain number of grams of fats, sugars, carbs, and protein. How you determine this based on height, weight, exercise, desired outcome, etc and is better explained on IIFYM.com.

When I meal prep, I look


Meal Prep for Healthy Living

When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I did not understand the importance of eating healthy. I thought that as long as there was food on the table, we were set. The last few years have been all about healthy eating for me, my husband, and more importantly, the kids. We are leading by example and luckily the children are following suit. They enjoy healthy meals immensely! My oldest, Brody, who is 9, prefers healthy meals to anything else. He refuses to eat fast food, not because of any urging on our parts - frankly, while I do not particularly enjoy fast food, I think once in awhile for the kids is not a bad thing - but I believe that Brody can taste the quality difference between healthy and unhealthy foods.


Blog Update

As you may have noticed, the blog, facebook page, and instagram are in the midst of undergoing a makeover! I'm so excited about this update as I feel it more incorporates what I've been all about this last year.

My new name  - Mode de Mommy -

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