Growing Pains


Having a third grader is much different than I imagined. 

I based my own assumptions off of what my own 3rd grade experience was like. The world has changed in the years since. 

I have come to the realization that kids are mean. 

Kids. Are. Mean. 

I don't understand why. I remember being in third grade, but most of my memories are happy ones. Silly games we played at recess, playing outside until dark, having 10 different BEST friends. 

These days, third graders have Facebook and Instagram, they compete with each other on who has the latest and greatest electronics, they tease a kid over not having name brand socks. 

Brody is an easily affected child. He takes these things to heart. Suddenly, he's going through the growing pains of trying to be cool 24/7. 

I want my child to be a child. 

I want him to beg for candy. 
I want him to play in the dirt. 
I want him to worry about "needing" awesome toys.
I want him to not care about who has iPads, iPhones, computers, Xboxes, Playstations. 
I want him to live in the moment and experience the joy of childhood. 

It terrifies me that Brody is a mere SIX YEARS away from the age I was when I got pregnant. 

Six. Years. 

That is a moment in time. 

If I could wish one thing for my children, it would be that they do not make the same mistakes I did. 

I hope I can instill good judgment and values into him, and also help him through growing up around all these outside influences. 

Childhood is precious, I hope I can preserve his for awhile longer.

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