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Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the master list of the best products I've tried in the last ten years! I would have saved so much money had I known all of this with the first one, so now I am bestowing on you the knowledge! Through ten years and six kids, I have found products I love and products I hate. Here is the list of the BEST (in my opinion). Enjoy!

Best highchair

Portable: Phil&Ted Lobster - Very sturdy, easy to use, and collapsible.

Stationary: Boon Flair - Sleek design, comfortable, good for younger babies.

Simple: Ikea Antilop - Cheap and cute!

Best socks:
Baby Gap:

Babies lose at least a sock a day it seems, but babyGap has the best socks! I still have a few pairs from when Brody was a baby! Their socks stay on the best by far and stay soft through all the washings.

Best baby clothes:

You can always find these cheap (best on Carter's sale racks during their 25% off clearance sale or at Kohl's with a coupon), they are very soft, and have cutesy prints.


You can always find on sale - Gap has 50% off clearance sales, great colors, sophisticated, stylish choices, and last forever. I would not suggest buying any of their jeans. I used to be religiously Gap for their jeans, but in the last couple years, they must have changed their fabrics. I have not had a single pair of Gap jeans last longer than three months without getting holes in the knees. Obviously this isn't as relevant for tiny babies, but once they hit toddlerhood, I wouldn't buy them.

Best stroller:

If you're having at least two kids, get any of Phil&Ted's inline strollers that can easily be made a double. I've tried no less than 8 different double strollers in my time as a mom and wish I would have started with the Phil and Ted's. Nothing I've used rides so smooth and easily, as well as being so compact and narrow.

Best car seats:

Infant carrier: Britax B-Safe


Diono Radian RXT - the starting weight limit on these says 5 lbs but my kids didn't fit in it until closer to ten pounds so we got an infant seat first. The Diono has top safety ratings, it's incredibly solid, and is fully adjustable from rear facing, forward facing, and up to a high back booster. Four of my six children currently have these and we're about to purchase a fifth for my infant. My two year old, four year old, six year old, and seven year old all sit comfortably in the various stages of this car seat.


I've always used Playtex Drop Ins, you manually squeeze the air out, which reduces colic and upset tummies.

Breast pump:
Medela Pump in Style
This double electric pump is often paid for by insurance, easy to use, gentle, and efficient.


For newborns, Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers. As they get older I find better value from Kirkland Brand diapers - sizes 4+.

You have to change slightly more often but it's still worth it considering the amount of diapers you get for the price.

Breastfeeding Resources: I will post more about this later, but you need a good support system for nursing. When I had my first, I had no idea what to do. Every book I read made it sound like breastfeeding was easy and natural, which is wasn't for me. Find a La Leche League and see if your hospital has a lactation consultant in house. Read every article and blog you can find on the subject. Reach out to friends! Anything to get you going.

Nursing bras: I opt for comfort over looks in most areas, and especially nursing bras.

For at home and sleeping, I love Gilligan & O'Malley's Seamless nursing bra from Target.

For in public, I loved the Motherhood Maternity Seamless nursing bra and the Motherhood Maternity sports bra.

All very comfortable and no underwire.

Nursing pads:

Lansinoh - I've found these to be the most comfortable. They such the moisture away from your skin, retain a natural looking shape, and hold a fair amount of leaked breast milk.

Baby carrier:

Ergo baby. Believe me when I tell you that I have tried even more carriers than strollers - the Moby Wrap, the Snugli, the Infantino, Baby Bjorn, Boba, Chicco, etc. The Ergo is the only one that didn't bother my bad back. I still carry my 4.5 year old in it when she's being naughty. So easy and fast to put on, significantly easier than the Moby which was so frustrating.


Ikea Stuva Crib. You don't need a fancy crib. A baby does not put much wear and tear on a crib so it will last. The Ikea Stuva is sleek and has storage underneath in the usual dead space.


I used my Boppy to assist with nursing positions in the first month, as the babies are so tiny and sometimes difficult to hold. Then around six months, I pulled it out again to use as sitting support. My two year old sleeps with his as a pillow to this day.

Non-toxic shampoos and lotion:

I always opt for Burt's Bees Baby. Smells delicious and all the ingredients are identifiable.


All time favorite is the Zo-li Gummy Stick. They are the perfect texture for those painful gums, easy for babies to hold, and inexpensive.

Sophie la Girafe is also a fun toy teether.

Baby monitors:

My babies room with me for the first year, and I wouldn't even say monitors are necessary after that, but they are so convenient. If your baby is sleeping in their crib early on, the Angelcare Baby Monitor has a movement monitor, camera, and two way wifi radio. I would definitely recommend this for those anxious mothers (me).

Baby food: I do not use traditional jarred baby food. I follow something called Baby Led Weaning (weaning going by the British meaning of "choosing"). Summarized, it's basically watching for the signs of your baby being ready to eat and feeding them very small or lightly mashed bites of a normal meal. The goal is to feed your baby a more diverse palate to stave off picky eating and to ready them for normal meals sooner by practicing chewing.

Thermometer: For infants, it's best to use a rectal thermometer. It will give you the most accurate reading for those little guys. Once they hit toddlerhood, I would suggest a forehead thermometer or an ear thermometer.

Nipple creams:

Lansinoh lanolin cream was the best that I personally tried. It really helped when my nipples got sore and cracked from constant nursing.

Baby proofing:

This isn't necessary until your baby is mobile, but I would suggest mostly outlet covers, door knob covers for any exit doors, and cabinet catches for any cabinets containing chemicals.

Swaddle blankets:

Aden and Anais make the best swaddle blankets out there. Very light and gauzy so they are breathable. They are plenty long enough to wrap securely. You can now get them at Target!

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