Separation Anxiety

I have tried to write a blog post for over a week now; tried to put something out there that was positive, fun, or interesting to read. Every time I opened my computer, I froze. No words would come. My thoughts are consumed with missing my children, who are visiting their dad for the summer, and I couldn't think of much else.

I'm hoping putting pen to paper will help.

If you follow my blog and instagram, you know that I am a crusader against the picture perfect. I strive to show real life and not live by society's Pinterest idea of a mother.

Right now is one of those not-so-picture-perfect times.

My home is mostly empty, has been for nearly three weeks, and will be for five more. Brody, Zachary, Wyatt, and Maddison are visiting their dad. This is the first time they'll be gone longer than 2 weeks since their father and I divorced and it's a huge struggle for me. I am Mom. I was always meant to be a Mom. I love spending my days in our organized chaos of life and shuffling to and fro with all six. So to have 4/6 of my children gone is hard. I want to mope around, be sad, watch Netflix, and eat chocolate.

But I cannot let myself succumb to depression because life will go on. This is my reality and I need to learn to function.

I miss waking up to them, I miss tucking them in, I miss watching them drive each other completely insane. It's hard being a divorced mama with a blended family. My two littles are too young to understand and are so sad and confused.

Now that I've put this out there, I hope I can let go of some of the anxiety and relax. I get to have them back for a week between the two 4-week blocks and we have so much planned for them. I can't wait to hold them in my arms in 9 days.

Tips for Mamas Going Through This:

-Stay busy, don't mope. Plan out all of the DIY projects you've been meaning to get to and go crazy. I've been doing so so many projects and it does help.

-Do something for them. I've been making things for my kids and adding decor to their rooms. That helps bring me some peace.

-Get out of the house. Being home is hard when it's so unnaturally quiet. Get out and do something! I've been walking downtown with the two littles, going shopping, etc.

-Don't pretend everything is okay. It's not. You know it's not, a piece of your heart is missing. Lean on your friends and family to help you through.

-Learn a new skill. Take a class. Anything to keep you occupied and growing.

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