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After enduring a wretched marriage, and a vengeful and malicious divorce where every single thing I have ever done was scrutinized and spread throughout town for others to scrutinize as well, I learned not to judge others. 

We are all guilty of casting judgement in some form or another, but keep in mind that their story is a mystery to you. Take a moment to consider how your story looks from the outside, how my story looks from the outside, how a dear friend's story looks from the outside. Without vital details, you can draw unfounded and unjust conclusions. 

Our society thrives on judgement, and we've all felt the pain of being unfairly judged. 

Never judge a person's actions until you know their motives. 

There is something greater than judgement, and it is called mercy. 


Lincoln 10 Months

Lincoln is 10 months!
Actually he was 10 months on the 7th, but let's not worry about the details. 


Mommy&Maddie: OOTD

Maddie and I love matching outfits, or even complimentary outfits, as we are wearing today. With only two girls in our house of boys, we capitalize on every opportunity. 

Mommy today: 
American Eagle olive green jacket and destroyed jeans. 
White Mossimo boyfriend tee

Maddie today:
Old Navy vest
Gap white shirt
Zara jeans, distressed by me
Dolce Vita leopard print sandals


Mamas in Vegas

 I had the best time taking a weekend off with some of my girlfriends. Get ready for a photo overload, way too many selfies, all poor quality from an iPhone!


Strong Women

My goal in life is to raise healthy, happy children. I want all of them to flourish and thrive, to enjoy the journey of life, and to be where they want to be.

Of course, life isn't all sunshine and daisies, but I think most mothers want this for their children.

One particular aspect that scares the hell out of me is raising a strong daughter. I want her to be strong, confident, happy, and never let anyone treat her like shit. This resonates with me daily as I remember the struggles I have been through.

Would I consider myself a strong woman? No. But I am stronger than I was. I work on it daily to let go of fears and thoughts that were ingrained in me by someone I thought cared for me, to be happy with myself, to know without a doubt that I am worth it.

I lived life drowning in anxiety, fear, self consciousness, and depression, because I allowed myself to be controlled by someone else and their opinion of what I was worth. I am more than my body, my weight, my looks.

The last several years, I have been working on myself. I want my children to remember me as someone who knew her value and didn't accept less. I want them to remember me as a strong mother, a strong wife, a strong person.

Specifically, my daughter. As growing up gets more difficult with each generation, in this day of facebook, social media, body shaming, and cyber bullying, I want to instill in her the knowledge of her own self worth.

Today, I know I am beautiful, I am talented, I am worth more than my weight in gold. I will not be ashamed or lessen my worth out of someone else's opinion of me, and I am allowed to be proud of who I am.

And I know I am lucky to have someone by my side who knows it too.

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