Mamas in Vegas

 I had the best time taking a weekend off with some of my girlfriends. Get ready for a photo overload, way too many selfies, all poor quality from an iPhone!

Selfie overload


First dinner with the girls! Tried to conquer this margarita bowl. We failed. TOO MUCH BOOZE

Waking up in Vegas

 The Cosmopolitan Hotel is GORGEOUS. Crystal beads and pretty things everywhere. 

Walking amongst the hoards of people out at night. And a day shot of Paris. 

THE GIRLS <3 p="">
Kirsty in the front, then me (obvi), Bianca, and Kate!

Feeling myself in this dress! 
You can never have too many groupies (group selfies lol)

We pooled it up everyday :)

Went to Koi, which was in Planet Hollywood. Such delicious sushi!

My favorite thing about this picture is that you can see the reflection of the guy who was kind enough to take our picture in the little mirror. 

The Britney show was AMAZING. I jammed and sang along to every single song like a true fangirl. There are several embarrassing videos to prove it. 


Got stuck for two extra days due to flight cancellations. I had to be in the airport for TWO FULL days. UGH. 

Found a hotel and watched TV for the night, also tried not to kill anyone. 

When I FINALLY left Vegas. PEACE OUT. 

Even considering the less than ideal ending, the Vegas trip was amazing. It felt awesome to be with dear friends and hang out, sans babies, for a few days. Mamas deserve time off, its good for our mental health to regroup, take a breather, hang with friends. 

Adulting all weekend was excellent #vegaslosers

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