Mommy Wars

I'm pretty sure everyone has been privy to Mommy Wars of some kind. Being part of the blogosphere and online mom groups, I have seen thousands of innocent conversations unravel at the slightest provocation. 

I want to know why we, as women, have been pitted against each other. Why aren't we lifting each other up and encouraging one another? 

Somehow I doubt that Mommy Wars existed back in the days of "it takes a village", though I know many grandmothers who partake in the one-upping contests today. 

I would dare to say that Mommy Wars come from insecurities and/or a need to be validated. 

I have been there. 

I regret to say that I have been a "warrior" at one point in my life also. 

There was a time many years ago, when I was insecure and hiding so many imperfect parts of my life, that I would compete with other moms around me. Over everything! Our husbands, our children's development, the dinners we made. E.V. E. R. Y. T. H. I. N. G. 

It's very sad for me to look back on those times now and know that I was hurting, or, at the very least, pushing someone away for petty bullshit. 

After discovering myself and becoming secure in my own life, I learned how to let it go. 

Your reasons for breastfeeding are your own. 

Your reasons for formula feeding are your own. 

Your reasons for letting your kids eat the goldfish off the ground in the kitchen after your two year old spilled it because it's the only snack you have in the cupboard since you've been avoiding grocery shopping for so long are your own. 

(Oh wait that's me.)

Everyone is human. You are going to make mistakes. You are going to make different decisions than other moms for different reasons at different times. You do not need to seek validation from anyone but yourself and your partner. You do not have to rise to the fight. 

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