And He's 10

Angry, newborn Brody. 

My sweet Brody is ten years old....

Double digits. 
So much has happened in his short life.
Divorce, moving, pain.
Also happiness, love, change for the better.

There is so much to Brody.
Let's start at the beginning...

Brody saved me. 
When I got pregnant with him, I was 16, and not headed down a very good path. 
I was generally a smart person, school wise. A+ student, advanced classes, etc. 
I wasn't smart about much else though. 
I had been doing my time as a teenage rebel. 
My poor parents..
When I found out I was pregnant with Brody, I knew I had to get it together. 
I knew that while I could destroy myself with my wild ways, I couldn't do the same to a baby. 
I had to find a place of my own after my parents kicked me out, had to find health coverage, way to buy food. I already had a menial job, thankfully, and I also received public assistance. 
I got a shabby apartment, food allotment, and medicaid. 
It's a zing to the pride, taking handouts from the government, but pride doesn't matter when you're trying to survive. 

I spent my time finishing school, working hard, and trying to ready my shoe box apartment for a baby. 

I woke up the day he was to be born feeling off. It seemed to be the day!
I showered and drove up to the hospital, so nervous about what was about to happen. And I was alone.

Labor went smooth, I was lucky enough to have a great doctor guiding me,  and Brody was born at 2:39pm. 
6lbs 10oz
The sweetest face I had ever seen. I stayed up all night long just staring at this sweet baby and I knew true love for the first time. 
So to you, Brody, on your birthday, I wish nothing but happiness and fun for you but I know life too well. You will struggle and you will fail but I will always be there for you and I hope I never have to miss the light in your eyes. 
xoxo, Mommy
Get ready for photo overload 

Brody, 3 days old

Brody at 6 weeks. 

Brody, 2 years.

Brody, 3 years

Brody, 5 years old

Brody, first day of kindergarten

Brody, 5 years old

Another kindergarten shot

Halloween, 2011

January 2012, 6 years old

Brody and Zach being goofy, 6 years old

Brody, 5 years

Brody, 4 years old, Halloween 2010

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  1. Happy Birthday Brody! <3

    I die at Harry Potter Brody! So stinking cute!!


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