Things I Learned After Becoming a Mom

As I have grown up and grown as a mother, there are so many little things
that surprise me on a daily basis...

Some of which are things like finding dead bugs in Wyatt's pockets, or my lipstick under Maddie's bed. 

And others are the realization of how different you become when you have children. 

I didn't have a chance to grow up as a person before having children, so rather I have grown up with children. 

Now after having six and growing into myself, I have learned so much. 

1. Most things don't matter. 

Things that you get worked up about with your baby or children, whether to breastfeed or formula feed, whether to use organic laundry soap, or the millions of other trials and tribulations you ponder, they don't matter. Love your child, do what you think is right, and let the trivial stuff fall away. 

2. You can't pour from an empty cup. 

Do not ignore your needs. Whether you have one child or ten, you come first. Not just food and water, but your other needs. You need new clothes, you need to feel like a human, you need to do things that make you happy, you need alone time, you need adult interaction. Remember YOU. Your kids will get the best part of you if you take care of yourself first.

3. You need your husband/significant other.

Don't try to do everything yourself because you're neurotic, slight controlling, and anxious...
Oh wait that's me. 

Ask for his help when you need it, don't expect to be able to do every little thing alone. You are a team, don't forget that. 

4. The cleaning can wait. 

Repeat after me: The cleaning can wait. THE CLEANING CAN WAIT. 
I need to remind myself of this more often. Like daily. 
Don't forget to get on the floor and play, don't forget to cuddle, go to sleep early sometimes, leave the dishes in the sink. 

5. Children mess up. 

It is literally their job. They are tiny humans without a developed frontal lobe. So if your kid is messing up in school, or stressing you out with attitude, remember that's what they do. 
You are not alone. You are not a bad mom. 
Just take a breath and teach. 
You will be teaching until you're blue in the face, but that is life. 
They are not going to be perfect and that's okay.

6. You will mess up. 

Lots. And then more. And then again. 
You are human and you are susceptible to stress and crap and bad moods just the same as anyone else. Don't beat yourself up. DONT DO IT. 
You will yell, or lose your temper, or forget to pack a snack.
Accept it, apologize, move on. 
Your children will learn humility from you.
There is no way to be a perfect mom, but there are millions of ways to be a good mom. 

That's all for today, things that have been on my mind. 
Love yourself, love your children, love your significant other. 
You are a good mom. 

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