Happy Birthday, Maddison!

Maddison Sophia Linn
December 1, 2010
7lbs 4oz
21 inches long

My sweet Maddison is 5! 
I can hardly believe she's this old, and at the same time 
her attitude makes her seem older. 

Her birth story is very short, and somewhat amusing. 

Around 4pm on December 1st, I started getting contractions. 
Not very strong, and not regular.

I paced around the house, wondering if it was time. 
Around 5:30 pm, I decided it was time to go. 

At the hospital, the nurses put me in the triage room and waited to check how far dilated I was. 
I was at a 6, but somehow knew it was going to go quickly. 
I rushed the nurses to get me into a room and get the anesthesiologist. 

They ran me into a room, and the anesthesiologist met me there. 
He tried, and failed to give me an epidural, then quickly left the room saying he would be back. 

About 5 minutes later, I felt the urge to push. 

Two pushes later, and Maddie was born. 

It was such a fast flurry of pain and excitement, I barely remember what came next. 

But my sweet girl was in my arms and I felt so much joy. 

Today, Maddie is a sassy five year old. 
She loves princesses, purses, and clothes. 
She has a tough punch and can take out any of the boys. 
I love her independent spirit and I know her strong-will will come in handy one day. 

I want nothing more than joy and happiness for her. 
I hope her childhood is full of love and laughter. 
I hope she finds someone who complements her and supports her. 
I hope she loves herself always. 

Happy Birthday, Maddison Sophia. 
I love you. 

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