I cannot even count the number of times I have had rude, invasive, and absolutely uncalled for comments in public - all relating to the kids. 

"Wow, you look 18, how old are you?"

"That many kids would drive me CRAZY."

"Do they all have the same father?"

"Are you Mormon?"

"Why would you have that many kids?!"

Yes, I have gotten every single one of these questions - and more - from complete strangers. 
Old, young, in between, male, female. 
At Target, Costco, Walmart, Kohls, Gap, everywhere you can think of. 

The only reason anyone asks any of the above questions is to pass judgement on me and what they find to be an"acceptable" or "unacceptable" answer. 

I generally try to be a gracious person when I get rude comments in public. 
It is hard to hold my tongue when people are downright assholes though. 
But I have to, because I can't retaliate in front of the kids, thus setting a bad example. 

Quite frankly, I am sick of the bullshit. 
I don't care your age, your status, or your story - you do NOT have the right to judge someone else. 



I find it absolutely abhorrent when people feel the need to remark, rudely, on the kids, 
right in front of them. 

My kids remember these interactions, weeks and months later, and they wonder aloud why people are rude about them. 

When did this world become one of judgement on the most harmless of subjects?
Why does anyone else care the number of children I, or anyone else, has?
I would like to know how it affects them. 
I would like to know what makes them form such a derogatory opinion of this number of children, and why they think they can inflict their crap on me. 

Why can't we lift each other up? Why can't we look at people with grace and compassion, instead of judgement and malice?

I get caught up in judgement sometimes too, but the point is to train yourself to think differently. You control what you think. 

I want to be a person of happiness and joy for others, I want to lift others up, I want to go back to the time of "it takes a village" instead of "how do I protect myself against the village"?

Mothers are judged on so much, every single day. 
Break the cycle, don't be the critical ever-watching eye looking for the imperfections.

Have grace when interacting with moms, strangers, family, everyone. 

Please just don't be a dick.

And yes, I had these cards made to hand to people who ask me asshole questions.
I'm done letting people work me up.
Now, I can hand them the tool to shut up and move on without a word.

Go out there and be positive!

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