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A new year is always prime time for people to make resolutions for a healthier lifestyle. 
I applaud everyone just making the overwhelming step into the fit life!
My gym is so crowded, but I am so pleased to see people working their asses off!

I was lucky enough to get an interview with the ladies from Resilience Fitness & Nutrition 
this week, bringing you some awesome tips for those of you just starting out on your
journey to fitness!

1. What is the biggest mistake someone new to working out makes? How do I
avoid it?
 The biggest mistake we see time and time again is that people do too
much too fast. You cannot go from being sedentary to a professional
athlete- these things take time! Setting goals and building to those goals
is incredibly important. Undoing bad habits and changing your body will
not happen overnight. People have to remember that fitness is a marathon
not a sprint. Don't compare your starting point to other's half way
points- everyone has a different pace and it takes time to reach your

2. How do I maintain fitness?
 Consistency is key! Set a schedule and stick to it as much as possible.
Making sure that you schedule your fitness time the same as you would the
time to watch your favorite reality show is important. Just remember: it's
easier to keep going then having to start all over again. Find what
motivates you (whether it be a great new gym outfit, your favorite cheat
meal, or even just your own progress) and use that to stick with your

3. What supplements should I take, if any? 
 Supplements are a tricky thing since everyone's needs, diets, and goals
vary. The number one thing we would recommend is a protein supplement in
the form of protein shakes or bars. This should be used only when you
don't have the time or food options to intake your protein otherwise. We
love Cellucor Protein Powder and Combat Crunch bars, as the flavor is
great, without tasting like you're just trying to get your protein in. In
regards to other supplements, we will be publishing a post in January with
our favorite protein powders, BCAAs, and more, and why you should use
various products. Be on the lookout!

4. How many times a week should I train?
 If you are sedentary or just starting out, then two to three workouts a
week is ideal. At a maximum we would recommend 5 days with an active
recovery day (go on a walk or even go shopping!) and a total rest day
(Netflix day- woohoo!). You should take at least 48 hours rest between
working out various muscle groups. Resilience has plans for every fitness
level, so anyone can start out and be successful. To see the plans we
offer, visit http://myresiliencefit.com/workout-plans/

5. How do I avoid injuries?
 Be smart! Avoiding injuries is easy if you take the necessary
precautions. Ensure that you have the proper form when completing an
exercise and do not add resistance to an exercise until your form is
correct. Don't be careless in the gym and fling weights trying to impress
people- lift what you can lift without putting unnecessary strain on

6.  How do I achieve good form without a trainer?
 Research! This is how we both started before getting our Personal
Training certifications. Almost every exercise has a video or tutorial
available online. If you have the chance look online or ask someone to
help you figure it out- most people at the gym are more than willing to
share their tips and exercises. The fitness community is vast and there
are a variety of ways to reach those within it. Bodyspace.com is a great
resource for those that are just starting out and who need help with their
form, as is YouTube and various videos on Instagram. Just search for what
you're looking for and you may even find a new way of doing an exercise
that you had never thought of.

7. When should I stretch? For how long?
It depends on the workout! Different stretching should be done prior to
cardio versus weight lifting. Most stretching should mimic the exercise
you're about to perform- would it make sense to deeply stretch your
hamstrings before doing bicep curls? Probably not! Dynamic stretching is
designed to take your muscle through the motion that you will be
performing during your workout. With dynamic stretching you want to walk
your muscles and joints through a stretch and attempt to move further and
deeper with each set that you do. Dynamic stretching should be done for
3-5 minutes before beginning an exercise routine. After your workout, we
recommend static stretching which is holding a position for a designated
amount of time. Your focus should be on relaxing your body and letting the
body stretch on its own. Static stretches should be held for 30-60

8. Should I do the same workouts every day?
No! You should take at least 48 hours between training muscle groups.
This recovery time is optimal for muscle recovery and growth. If you train
the same muscle group everyday then your body will either overwork the
same muscle allowing for minimal muscle growth or become used to this
routine and you will reach a plateau. Keep your workouts varied and give
yourself enough recovery time in order to maximize muscle growth!

9. Should I continue to train if I get injured?
 Absolutely not! Working through an injury can cause it to worsen and the
effects can become far worse. Right after your injury, it is best to stop
exercising and RICE: R=Rest, I=Ice, C=Compression, and E=Elevation. If the
injury persists, it is always recommended to visit your doctor! Once you
are feeling better, don't jump right back in doing the same weights and
intensity you were doing before. Make sure your body is fully healed so
you can prevent re-injury!

10. What is proper gym etiquette?
 If only everyone would follow proper gym etiquette, the gym would be
much more enjoyable! Be respectful and don’t do anything to someone else
that you would not like done to you- this includes re-racking weights,
avoiding making obscene grunting noises, and continuously checking
yourself our in the mirror! Another good rule to follow is to always
respect the headphones!! If someone has headphones in don’t tap them on
the shoulder to try to talk to them during their workout; more then likely
they are in the zone and focused on what they are doing. Talking to them
during that time could result in injury and a loss of focus- we've had
people try to chat mid squat, and let us tell you- that's just asking for
an injury! Try to catch someone at the beginning or end of their workout
and ask them any questions that you have!

Most of Resilience's services are complimentary, ranging from their downloadable workout plans, macro calculator, and blog posts, but they do offer personalized plans and coaching! Contact them HERE!

Ashley and Amber, both certified personal trainers,  created Resilience Fitness and Nutrition to help everyone succeed on their fitness journey. They offer macro calculators, customized coaching, and more!

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