Roman is turning 3 in less than a month. 

Time seems to be flying by, as it does with young children. 

He's a sweet little dude most of the time, though his "terrible twos" are quite exhausting. 

He loves his siblings and runs to give them hugs when they get home from school. 

He cries over everything. 

He helps clean the living room. 

He hides when he's in trouble. 

He snuggles all the time. 

He repeats alllll of my swear words. His favorite one right now is "shitty". 


I'm so excited to watch him grow, and hopefully cry less. 

Here are a few of the things you won't find Roman without on a daily basis. 


Backpack/Pottery Barn Kids
Hot Wheels/Target

Roman loves carrying things around in a backpack. I think it started with all the big kids getting ready for school with their own backpacks, and he thought it was so exciting. He usually carries all of his faves in his backpack. 

At least he's efficient!

He has about ten blankets that we try to rotate, though sometimes he can be found toting around every single one of them.

This cardigan from Gap is so easy to throw on over every single shirt. It looks cute, it's soft, and it helps keep him warm in the carseat when we have to take off the winter coat. 

The jeans are Super Soft Slim Fit, and let me tell you, they are SO soft. He's very much a pajama or underwear dude, but these jeans are so nice they're practically jammies. 

Tiny Toms leather boots - so long wearing and adorable. They match everything and they are so easy to put on. 

His favorite toys: the keyboard, Thomas, and hot wheels. He often tries to take them all everywhere, but will settle for a Hot Wheels car (sometimes). 

Here's to 3 and another fun year with Roman!

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