My office needs some love.

I want to do a little something different with the decor in my office. 

I have a bunch of the kids' artwork on the walls, and some random art. 

This area is where I edit photos. The area to the left, that you can't really see, is Ryan's space. The area to the right is where I make jewelry and do calligraphy. 

I was thinking some new prints for the walls, maybe little figurines. 

My serger and sewing machine are there on the right, maybe some sewing themed decor for this area?
The big shelf needs some fun added too. 
 I definitely need more containers for my photo props. 

Comment with any ideas or shops, or go to my IG @modedemommy and tag your faves!

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  1. If you're thinking of updating the wall space.. I think you need a huge canvas or frame of your littles! and then you should book http://www.heartsonfirebykarirae.com/ for a session so you could get some amazing shots of you and Ryan on the walls too.


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