Wyatt's Diagnosis

Today was the follow up meeting with the pediatric neuropsychologist. 

We discussed, at length, the differences in Wyatt's testing and what's typical for his age.




I'm shocked at his ADHD diagnosis, as Zachary also has ADHD but presents so so differently. 

Now I am at this place of being frustrated, disappointed, and sad at the lack of attainable information for Wyatt. 

I do not doubt the professional we went through. She is the best in the region and she too was somewhat disappointed at the lack of information. 

She said it's very clear that some specific factor has affected his brain to cause all of these things, could have been something in early life, could be genetics, could be something in utero.

I feel responsible.

I was very depressed during most of his pregnancy. I was in a bad place in my relationship and in a bad place in general.

I feel like this could have changed something.

I don't know.

She told me in no uncertain terms that getting him in with a learning specialist, and other therapies, is absolutely top priority. 

Her words were "If you are saving for college, redirect all funds from there to his therapies. Don't wait. Do it now. This is going to shape the rest of his life."

I was hoping for a clear path. For a direction to go, a plan. Anything to help my sweet Wyatt James. 
Now we just treat the symptoms with therapies and services until he's a little older and can be reevaluated. 

Honestly, a little heartbroken over here. 

That's all for now. Thank you everyone for your well wishes, good vibes, and prayers. 


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  2. Thank you for sharing this. Let me assure you that you are not at fault. Getting beaten by your ex could have contributed to this. He may also have physically harmed him while you weren't around. Getting smacked in the head, or shaken is a possibility. So unless you did any of these things to him, which I'm confident that you didn't, it is not your fault.


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