Being a Mom Can Really Suck

You might not want to say it out loud, but you think it to yourself. 

You don't want to deal with the judgment, you don't want to feel vulnerable, so you push through and put on a happy face. 

We have all been there. We are all currently there. 

It is okay. 

Motherhood is all about the kids. You sacrifice everything for them, and are happy to do it. You have countless sleepless night, your body changes, your needs are constantly pushed down the priority list. 

You skip going to the gym because the kids need something, you pass on buying yourself a pair of jeans because the kids could really use more clothes, you pass on date night with your husband because hiring a babysitter is so hard. 

Your life is a game of musical chairs. Hopping from sports, to dance, to volunteering at your kids school, nap times, oh wait - someone puked, there's a diaper blowout, and someone is on the floor crying. 

You feel inadequate to the task. 

You are in a constant daze of exhaustion and exhilaration from your life with your children. 

It is okay. 

You know it's worth it, I don't need to remind you of that. 

Your life has a purpose, mama. 

You may not think so while covered in puke from your sick toddler, or while up again with a teething infant. 

You might be so run down you can't even think past nap time. 

You forget everyday that you are a woman of worth, an individual, and not just a soothing pacifier for your child. 

Your purpose changes throughout your life, but raising your children is not your only purpose.

In this day and age, so often we women fall prey to the Pinterest version of life. We see the moms and the blog of someone who appears to have their shit together. 

They do daily crafts and learning exercises, they are skinny, they have a perfect house that's always clean, their hair is perfectly coifed, and somehow they are always always always doing something for their kids.


You are not there for their every whim, you are not there to coddle them through life, to make sure the house is spotless, to be at their beck and call, or even to make sure your husband has everything he needs, to make sure there is a meal on the table every night. 

Sure, it's one of many purposes your have. 

This is not your only use. 

I have, on many occasions, felt used up. Exhausted from my life and the constant struggle of balance 

For the last three weeks, I have been sick. Really sick, 

It started with a bad cold/cough virus, and morphed into a monster of a sinus infection. 

I have been so drained. 

Yet every single person that depends on me in some way or another, demanding my time and attention, without the full realization or understanding that I was sick. 

As I was cleaning up the spilled milk, or folding the laundry, or soothing the sick baby, and running from appointment to appointment, I thought to myself how nice it must be to not have kids. 

How nice it must be to rest when you're sick, to sleep when you want, and to feed only yourself whatever it is that you want. 

To not have someone you needs you at all hours of the day and night. 

You may not know your purpose, but there is a reason you exist. 

You have goals, dreams, aspirations. 

You are not only a mother. 

You are a mighty woman. 

You are fighting through motherhood and life, but do not forget to fight for yourself. 


  1. This absolutely spoke to me. Thank you for your beautiful writing and also being so honest and open. As a tired Momma I needed to hear a comrade and know that I'm not alone in feeling this way. Thanks Ashley.


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