Weird Things I've Done as a Mom (And a Giveaway!)

Never though there would be a day that I willingly picked someone else's nose and then wiped it on my clothing.

But I do it. Sometimes daily.

I never thought I would pretend to be super interested in a video game while slowly dying inside. 

I never thought I would suck someone's boogers out of their nose with a tube contraption (NoseFrieda) and be completely impressed with how much snot came out. 

I never thought I would need to inspect pockets before doing laundry for bugs - dead and alive. 

I never thought I would fight with a tiny version of myself about what she needed to wear everyday. 

I never thought I would have to tell someone to put their penis away on so many occasions. 

I never thought I would I would be spit up on, only to wipe it off and call it good. 

Ah, motherhood. It's messy.

H A P P Y  M O T H E R ' S  D A Y

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