Wyatt James

Wyatt James
June 4, 2009
7 lbs 2 oz
19" long

My sweet boy is 7! 

I don't remember much of Wyatt's birth story. The pregnancy had been a tough one for me, emotionally, but it was a healthy one. 

Quick, uneventful. Smooth sailing. 

I woke up knowing that I would be giving birth that day. I got ready
and waited for the contractions to intensify. 

When I got to the hospital, I was completely effaced but only dilated to a 4. 

I progressed quickly and asked for my epidural. 

When it came time to push, he was out and in my arms within 10 minutes. 

Wyatt about 3 months. 

Wyatt grew typically. Walking at 10 months, fine motor skills were advanced, but as he grew, I knew something else was going on. 

He wasn't speaking, which didn't necessarily worry me because Brody wasn't a fast talker, but there were other signs. 

He also suffered from asymptomatic ear infections for nearly a year, which impacted his hearing. 

He was tested early for special education preschool. 

Then, as most of you know, he went through all the testing this past February to not much conclusion. 

Through all of this, he has been the most amazing boy. Always happy. Always sweet.

He can take apart anything with just his hands. We find screws and bolts all over the place and we often joke that one day we're going to shut the front door and the entire house is going to collapse. 

He loves complimenting people's hair, especially the girls at school.

Wyatt is not much for snuggles, but he loves curling up to read a story with me.

He is a peanut, only 20th percentile for his age.

His eyes are the most amazing shade of golden brown.

His favorite toys are cars and trains.

He often says "You're the best Mommy ever!" and it makes my day.

He is learning and growing and I am so proud to be his mom. 

Happy Birthday, Wyatt!

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