First Day of School

I cannot believe my babies are so big. 
I'm not sure how this happened, and I'm not sure I like it. 

Brody is 10, almost 11, and starting 5th grade. 
5th grade. 
I vividly remember 5th grade. 
The people I met, the teacher I had, the boys I liked. 

Brody was happy to see his old friends and have the same teacher again this year. 

Zachary is starting 4th grade. 
My sweet little guy, my little gentleman, is nine years old
and almost done with elementary school. 

Zach said he loves his teacher so much. 

Wyatt is in 2nd grade!
I think back to just two years ago and him starting kindergarten. 
I was much less confident about how he would fare. 
This year, I know he's going to do amazing. 

He came home excited and exhausted. 

Maddie is starting kindergarten!
I was nervous. SO nervous. 
Maddie has major separation anxiety and I just knew I was
going to have to pry her off of me, crying. 
But she did amazing - walked right into her classroom and 
said goodbye to me without a tear. 

She was bawling for me when she got off the bus, but I still say that's successful. 

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