Brody is 11

My sweet first child is 11!

He is so smart, so caring...
He cares about his siblings so much and does everything he can to help out. 

Oh this boy. 
What an amazing child he is.

I am so blessed to have him as a son.

For his birthday this year, I asked him if he would like to have a joint party with Lincoln, since their birthdays are just a few weeks apart. 

He was so excited to start planning the party!

We jumped onto Pinterest together and started looking up party themes. 

He nixed Minecraft, Pokemon, Mario...

Then he saw a little fox cake pop and decided a "woodland" theme would be the best for Lincoln. 

It was absolutely adorable. 

I reminded him that this was his party and Lincoln wouldn't even realize it was his birthday, so he could choose whatever theme he wanted. 

But no, he was insistent. Lincoln would love a woodland theme so Brody wanted to do it. 

(Baby Brody and Baby Ashley)

One day last week, we were running a ton of errands, and the kids were being a little nutso. 

And by "a little" I mean they were bouncing off the fucking walls and being insane. 

Brody was the only one who was really chill. 

When we got home, I sent everyone to their rooms for quiet time. 

Then I went upstairs to fold laundry.

I came back downstairs later and Brody had cleaned up downstairs and done everyone's chores. 

This boy is so sweet and selfless. 

Happy birthday, sweet boy. I'm so lucky to have you!

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Brody in Kindergarten, 2011

Brody and little chubby Maddie, 2011


Newborn Brody, 2005

Three day old Brody, 2005

Brody, 2007

Brody 2006

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