Happy Birthday Lincoln!

My sweet Linky Dink is TWO. 

He is the sweetest thing, and also somehow the biggest bully at the same time lol. His favorite thing to do is go over and lay on Romy. He weighs so much more that Roman can't get up. 

He is 95th percentile for height. 
97th percentile for weight. 
and 115th percentile for head circumference. 

He weighs 9 pounds more than Roman. 

He signs a bunch of words, he says a bunch of words, and he kisses his stuffed animals before every night and nap time.

His favorite toys are stuffed animals and cars. 

He sleeps great and has a special relationship with Brody. They are buddies!

It's also somewhat amusing that this is the longest I've gone without being pregnant since I first got pregnant almost 12 years ago. 

This stage of our life is so different! Linc is potty training, so we're on our way out of diapers. No newborns, no impending pregnancies. 

Also no more pregnancies, no more nursings. 
My body is fully mine forever. 

If you want to read about Linc's birth story, click HERE.

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