Christmas Traditions

Dear lord, we were a mess. 


To My Kids

Last night, a racist, sexist, unqualified man was elected as the president of our country. 

I am disappointed beyond belief. 

We have watched this man's campaign trail and trail of horrible misconduct with wide eyes, and here we are. With a disgraceful and embarrassing president.

After this man, who has numerous pending lawsuits, sexual assault allegations, and no political experience, has beat out perhaps the most qualified candidate in history,
 I have a few words. 

Well, more than a few, but I will refrain from an epic rant.

We are all entitled to our anger. It is entirely justified, given the situation. We need to utilize this anger to demand better. Better leaders for our children, better leaders for our country. A change for the better. I hope we all hold onto our feelings and make the anger count for our nation's future. 

This election was unlike any other. It was not about different beliefs and opinions of a country choosing between two parties. 

It was a decision between a highly qualified candidate, who was being investigated for using inappropriate email servers that had terrible consequences, and a candidate who has spewed hate, sexism, racist, and lacks compassion towards anyone. 

This is not what I want for my children, especially my daughter, and my special needs sons.
I voted for their futures. I voted to raise them in a country with tolerance, acceptance, and love. 

To my daughter.....

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