Christmas Traditions

Dear lord, we were a mess. 

If you follow me on instagram, you know this night did not go as planned. 

Our fun outing turned into a clusterfuck of fussy and melting down kids. 

I had imaged it so much differently, as in previous years. Usually this simple outing is fun for everyone and yes a bit crazy but in an excited way. 

I thought we would all have fun and pick the perfect tree while drinking our hot cocoa, then head to pick out the kids' ornaments like we do each year. 


It started at the tree lot, Maddie was in a MOOD (and by that, I mean she was being a huge asshole). She kept running away from me, going in between the trees, and just general nonsense. Brod was grouchy and kept whining about how cold he was. 


We got our tree and left. Headed to Target to get the god damn ornaments. Of course there was a wreck on the highway so we were stuck in the car for thirty extra minutes. FUN. 

We get to Target, and Maddie is once again running away from us etc. Wailing all the way through Target, kicking the cart. 

We tried everything: validation, distraction, love, stern talking to. 

She was not having it. 

I ended up having to drag her out of the place freaking out, amidst stares and dirty looks. 

I actually said the words that I would take her birthday away. Which is Thursday. 
I lost it. 

I felt so shitty, believe me. Who says that.

Ryan stayed with everyone else, including cranky Linc, to finish up. 
Then he got to the car and I went back inside for a coffee and a little bit of tears. 

Ah real life is so different from the expectations. 

Anyway, here area few snaps from our night that I was actually able to get. 

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