Maddie Turns Six

(Dress: Joyfolie, Shoes: Old Navy)

Happy Birthday, Maddie girl!!!

Can't believe she is SIX. 

Her attitude is about 14, but still...

Maddie's 6 year old faves:

Her My Little Pony Blanket. 
Dressing up.
Pretending to read huge books of mine. 

She loves kindergarten so much and has so many friends. 

She is headstrong and sassy, and also cuddly and loving. 

(Amazing Pictures by Alisa Hayes Photography)

She's obsessed with knee high socks too.

As her mother, I am constantly trying to find the balance between teaching her how to behave while also not stomping out her fierce spirit. 

How do I show her that her fierce independence, strong will, and confidence are amazing qualities to have while still getting her to listen to Mommy ;)

Ah, this girl. She is going places. She is going to change the world. 

I know she'll grow and be the person she wants to be, and I hope we can help guide her. 

Can't believe you are six, my sweet girl!

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