Two words: CHILD LABOR. 

Haha joking, joking. 
It takes a lot of work to keep a very busy household of 8 functioning. 
In our family, everyone has to pitch in. Everyone needs to participate in keeping our house clean. 

The kids get to earn points towards fun stuff for completing their chores (as well as good behaviors). 

All of the duties vary by age so each kid can successfully complete each chore and feel good about themselves and their work. 

Brody, who is 11, does the dishes and his room. Since the dishes are a big job for such a big family, that's his only chore, outside of his room. 

Zachary, who is 9, sweeps, helps with laundry, and cleans his room. 

Wyatt, who is 7, picks up the living room and one of the bathrooms. 

Maddie, who is 6, wipes the table and cleans her room. 

Roman, who is 4, cleans his room. 

Lincoln, who is 2, cleans his room.

The kids also have bigger weekly chores, like mopping, cleaning windows, etc. 

Honestly, all of these chores don't get done every day. We are so busy with work and sports and family time that sometimes chores just aren't priority. 

But they are extremely helpful in running the house. 

They also teach the kids responsibility, personal accountability, and how to clean the dang house!

T E A C H   T H E M   Y O U N G 

Much love, mamas!

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