Parenting: Real Life

Today, I made my child cry.

Today, I didn't do the right thing. I didn't calmly listen. 
I lost my temper, I yelled at my sweet, sweet Wyatt.
I screamed at him because he didn't follow my directions. 

I justified it by reminding myself that I'm sick and tired, he didn't listen the four previous times I asked him to get dressed for school, he was messing with Roman, he was blah blah blah.
Then I was so wrapped up in my own selfish justification, that I stayed mad for almost an hour. 


We do goodbye hugs and kisses before we leave the house for school. As I'm going down the line, I get to Wyatt. He looks at me and says "Do I get a huggie today, Mommy?"

I can't believe I made him feel so badly, because I couldn't keep it together. 

I broke down and hugged my sweet boy, and he accepted my apology without a second thought.

We danced it out in the car on the way to school and the interaction was gone from his brain, but it stuck with me all day.

I really don't want to put this out there because I am ashamed but I also know that hiding it doesn't help anyone. 

This is motherhood. This is real life. No one is perfect and we can all be imperfect together. 

Much love, mamas. 


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself. Things like that happen often and to lots of mommas. We can't keep it together ALL the time.

  2. Thank you so much for being so real. That is one thing that keeps me up some nights. When I yell or scream at my poor little ones and in the heat of the moment I forget just how little they are. Or how my behaviour will reflect how the think of themselves. I feel like my yelling habits are a constant battle within. I'm ashamed of it but am so glad when other moms open up about it. Thanks for KIR (keepin' it real) love your blog


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